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MTI 翻硕热词:国际援助纪念币、交通违章、智能设备、迪士尼规定∣中国日报热词(9.09-9.15

1. 人道主义救援 humanitarian relief

2. 国际援助international assistance

3. 民间外交civil diplomacy

4. 医疗直升机medical helicopter

5. 安全 nuclear safety

6. 核应急nuclear emergency

7. 国际传播能力建设 build up international communication capacity

8. 党对宣传思想工作的全面领导overall Party leadership in publicity and ideological work

9. 中国特色社会主义文化socialist culture with Chinese characteristics

10. 文化软实力cultural soft power

11. 中华人民共和国成立70周年 the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China

12. 纪念币 commemorative coins

13. 纪念邮票 commemorative stamps

14. 纪念钞 commemorative notes

15. 面额 denomination

16. 最大发行量 maximum circulation

17. 路灯road lamps

18. 违章抓拍traffic violation monitoring

19. 治安探头public order monitoring

20. 街道监控streets monitoring

21. 道路铭牌road signs display

22. 大气监测air quality monitoring

23. 违停监控illegal parking monitoring

24. 变电箱substation box

25. 通信电箱electricity supply box for communication

26. 飞线overhead power lines

27. 人工智能开放创新平台 open and innovative artificial intelligence platforms

28. 大数据 big data

29. 互联网+ Internet Plus

30. 智能设备 intelligent devices

31. 超广角镜头 ultra-wide lens

32. 前置摄像头 front-facing camera

33. 永久点亮显示 always-on displays

34. 电池续航能力 battery life

35. 方便面instant noodles

36. 带自热功能的食品food kept in containers with reheating capabilities

37. 瓶装水和饮料bottled water and beverages

38. 禁止外带食物政策 no-outside-food policy

39. 入场券/门票 admission tickets

40. 安检 security screening/security check

41. 禁带物品 prohibited items

42. 尊师重教 respect teachers and value education

43. 德智体美劳全面培养的教育体系an education system which comprehensively fosters the students' all-round moral, intellectual, physical and aesthetic grounding with a hard-working spirit

44. 教育体制改革 reform of the education system

45. 优先发展教育事业give priority to developing education

46. 强农兴农 boost agricultural prosperity

47. 乡村振兴 rural revitalization

48. 农业农村农民问题(“三农”问题) issues relating to agriculture, rural areas, and rural people


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