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1. 文化遗产、文物古迹 cultural heritage and relics

2. 非物质文化遗产传承the preservation of intangible cultural heritage

3. 非物质文化遗产名录 Intangible Cultural Heritage List

4. 文物保护利用protection and use of cultural relics

5. 算盘 abacus, the traditional Chinese calculating gadget

6. 灯笼 lantern  公众号高斋翻译学堂 微博@高斋翻硕

7. 元宵节 the Lantern Festival

8. 上元之夜 the Lantern Festival night

9. 纸扇 paper fans

10. 剪纸 paper-cut / paper cutting

11. 书法 handwriting / calligraphy

12. 墨 ink

13. 砚台 inkstone

14. 毛笔 writing brush

15. 对联 antithetical couplet / couplet

16. 刺绣embroidery 公众号高斋翻译学堂 微博@高斋翻硕

17. 旗袍cheongsam / Chi-pao

18. 民间集会 folk fair

19. 庙会 temple fair

20. 民俗 folk customs

21. 手工艺 crafts

22. 青铜器 bronze ware

23. 瓷器 porcelain

24. 青花瓷 blue and white porcelain/china

25. 中国结 Chinese knot

26. 传统美食 traditional cuisine

27. 特色饮食文化 characteristic culinary cultures

28. 粤剧、龙舟、武术、醒狮 Cantonese opera, dragon boat racing, martial arts, lion dance

29. 纺织和成衣textiles and apparel

30. 《神曲》Divine Comedy

31. 凤凰phoenix  公众号高斋翻译学堂 微博@高斋翻硕

32. 凤凰涅槃 the nirvana of the phoenix

33. 鸳鸯mandarin duck / lovebird

34. 风水geomantic omen;geomancy

35. 生肖动物 zodiac animal

36. 农历 the lunar calendar

37. 农历金猪年 the Year of the Pig

38. 京剧Beijing Opera

39. 秦腔 Shaanxi opera

40. 皮影戏shadow puppetry

41. 相声 comic dialogue

42. 双簧 double act  公众号高斋翻译学堂 微博@高斋翻硕

43. 土著语言 indigenous languages

44. 中药traditional Chinese medicine;草药 herbal medicine

45. 四大发明the four great inventions of ancient China

46. 指南针、造纸术、火药和印刷术the compass, paper-making, gunpowder and printing

47. 诗经、楚辞、汉赋、唐诗、宋词、元曲、明清小说 the Book of Songs, the songs of Chu Kingdom, the rhyme prose of Han Dynasty, the poetry of Tang Dynasty, the iambic verses of Song Dynasty, the drama of Yuan Dynasty and the novels of Ming and Qing dynasties  

48. 汉学家 Sinologist

49. 儒学 the teachings of Confucius

50. 君子 gentleman 公众号高斋翻译学堂 微博@高斋翻硕

51. 中庸之道 the Golden Mean in Confucianism;the Doctrine of the Mean  in Confucianism

52. 孝 filial piety

53. 孔子学院Confucius Institute

54. 三纲五常 the three cardinal guides and the five constant virtues

55. 象形汉字the pictographic Chinese character

56. 科举考试the imperial examination

57. 八股文 eight-legged essay / the eight-part essay

58. 紫禁城 the Forbidden City

59. 君主专制制度 the autocratic monarchy system

60. 世袭制hereditary system

61. 妃嫔concubine

62. 故宫博物院 the Palace Museum

63. 午门 the Meridian Gate (Wu men)

64. 馆长 curator

65. 藏品 collections  公众号高斋翻译学堂 微博@高斋翻硕

66. 御花园 The Imperial Garden

67. 太和殿 Hall of Supreme Harmony

68. 养心殿 Hall of Mental Cultivation

69. 乾清宫 Palace of Heavenly Purity

70. 坤宁宫 Palace of Earthly Tranquility

71. 园林 garden

72. 角楼 Arrow towers (turrets)

73. 斋 studio, lodge

74. 轩 bower  公众号高斋翻译学堂 微博@高斋翻硕

75. 亭 pavilion

76. 部落 tribe

77. 原始农业社会 primitive agricultural society

78. 原生家庭 family of origin

79. 传统家庭重男轻女 traditional Chinese families' preference for boys over girls

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