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1. 旅游产品 tourism products

2. 高端旅游项目 high-end tourism projects

3. 精品旅游路线 boutique travel itineraries

4. 旅游示范区 tourism demonstration zone

5. 旅行社 travel agency 公众号高斋翻译学堂 微博@高斋翻硕

6. 青旅 youth hotel

7. 家庭旅馆 home inn / family-run hotels

8. 汽车旅馆 motel

9. 自由行/自助行 self-guided tour / free walker

10. 跟团游 go on a package tour

11. 目的地 destination

12. 中国境内 within the territory of China

13. 国内旅游domestic trip

14. 出境旅游overseas trip / outbound travel

15. 高加索 the Caucasus 公众号高斋翻译学堂 微博@高斋翻硕

16. 免签 visa-free

17. 落地签 visa on arrival

18. 风景秀丽  picturesque scenery

19. 四季如春  a spring-like weather all year round

20. 物产丰饶be richly endowed

21. 幅员最广、人口最多 cover the largest area and population

22. 休闲度假、养生保健、邮轮游艇  leisure and vacation, healthcare and well-being as well as cruise and yacht travel

23. 国际邮轮港 international cruise terminals

24. 国际航线 international liner routes

25. 入境手续 clearance procedures

26. 滨海特色风情小镇 small towns featuring coastal characteristics

27. 水乡 water villages

28. 游客人次 tourist visits

29. 门票价格 ticket prices

30. 全域旅游示范区integrated tourism demonstration zone

31. 全域旅游all-for-one tourism 公众号高斋翻译学堂 微博@高斋翻硕

32. 重点国有景区key state tourist site

33. 西北边陲 the Northwest border

34. 大漠落日的壮美辽阔the magnificent setting sun against the vast expanse of the desert

35. 长江中游地区 the middle reaches of the Yangtze River

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