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Delivered at the Second Session of the 13th National People's Congress of the

People's Republic of China on March 5, 2019

国务院总理 李克强

Li Keqiang

Premier of the State Council


Fellow Deputies,


On behalf of the State Council, I will now report to you on the work of the government and ask for your deliberation and approval. I also invite comments from members of the National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC).


1. deliberation 美 [dɪˌlɪbəˈreɪʃn] 细想;考虑;商议;审议;(说话或办事)缓慢,从容,审慎。在这句话里面是审议的意思。

2. invite comments from 请求某人提出建议的意思。

3. the National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference全国政协委员


I. 2018 in Review

过去一年是全面贯彻党的十九大精神开局之年,是本届政府依法履职第一年。我国发展面临多年少有的国内外复杂严峻形势,经济出现新的下行压力。公众号高斋翻译学堂 微博@高斋翻硕

The year 2018 was the first year for putting the guiding principles of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China fully into effect. It was also this government’s first to perform, in accordance with law, the functions of office. In pursuing development this year, China faced a complicated and challenging domestic and international environment of a kind rarely seen in many years, and its economy came under new downward pressure.


1. the first year for doing sth. 做某事的第一年的意思。

2. guiding 美 [ˈɡaɪdɪŋ] adj. 给予指导的;有影响的  

guiding principles 指导原则;指导思想;指导方针;指导性原则。

3. put ... into effect 使...生效的意思

4. in accordance with 美 [ɪn əˈkɔːrdns wɪð] 符合;依照;和…一致 这里是依照的意思

5. downward pressure 美 [ˈdaʊnwərd ˈpreʃər]  下行压力


Under the firm leadership of the Party Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping at its core, we, the Chinese people of all ethnic groups, guided by Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era, forged ahead and overcame difficulties. The year's main targets for economic and social development were accomplished, and in building a moderately prosperous society in all respects, we made major progress toward a decisive victory.


1. the firm leadership of the Party Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping at its core   以习近平同志为核心的党中央坚强领导

2. forge 美 [fɔːrdʒ] v. 艰苦干成;努力加强;伪造;假冒;锻造;制作 n. 铁匠铺;锻铁炉;锻造车间;锻造工厂。 这里是 v. 艰苦干成;努力加强的意思。

3. accomplish 美 [əˈkɑːmplɪʃ]  v.完成

4. decisive victory 美 [dɪˈsaɪsɪv ˈvɪktəri] 决定性的胜利 这里意译为了重大进展。


The main economic indicators were kept within an appropriate range. Gross domestic product (GDP) grew by 6.6 percent, exceeding 90 trillion yuan. Economic growth matched electricity consumption, freight transport, and other indicators. Consumer prices rose by 2.1 percent. In the balance of payments a basic equilibrium was maintained. A further 13.61 million new urban jobs were added, and the surveyed unemployment rate remained stable at a comparatively low level of around 5 percent. For a big developing country with a population close to 1.4 billion like ours, attaining relatively full employment is critical.


1. indicator 美 [ˈɪndɪkeɪtər]  n. 指示信号;标志;迹象;指示器;指针;转向灯;方向灯

2. range 美 [reɪndʒ]  n. 一系列;(变动或浮动的)范围,界限,区间;类;种 v. (在一定的范围内)变化,变动;包括(从…到…)之间的各类事物;(按一定位置或顺序)排列,排序 。 这里是 n. 一系列;(变动或浮动的)范围,界限,区间的意思。

3. grow/rise by...(具体数值)这里的by 指增长了...

  grow/rise to...(具体数值)这里的to 指增长到/至...

4. comparatively 美 [kəmˈpærətɪvli]  adv.比较上;相对地

  comparative  美 [kəmˈpærətɪv]  adj. 比较的;相比的;比较而言的;相对的;比较级的(如better、worse、slower和more difficult) n. (形容词或副词的)比较级形式

5. relatively full employment  比较充分就业

——经济结构不断优化。消费拉动经济增长作用进一步增强。服务业对经济增长贡献率接近60%,高技术产业、装备制造业增速明显快于一般工业,农业再获丰收。单位国内生产总值能耗下降3.1%。质量和效益继续提升。公众号高斋翻译学堂 微博@高斋翻硕

Economic structure was further improved. Consumption continued to play an increasing role in driving economic growth. The service sector's contribution to growth approached 60 percent. Growth in high-tech industries and equipment manufacturing outstripped that of other industries. Harvests were again good. Energy consumption per unit of GDP fell by 3.1 percent. The quality and returns of growth continued to improve.


1. play an ... role in doing sth./ sth.  在做某事/某事中扮演...的角色的意思。

2. service sector  美 [ˈsɜːrvɪs ˈsektər] 第三产业;服务业;服务部门;服务专区

  high-tech industries 美 [haɪ tek ˈɪndəstriz] 高科技产业;高技术产业;高新技术产业

  equipment manufacturing 美 [ɪˈkwɪpmənt ˌmænjuˈfæktʃərɪŋ] 装备制造;制造业;设备制造

3. approach 美 [əˈproʊtʃ]  v. (在距离或时间上)靠近,接近;接洽;建议;要求;(在数额、水平或质量上)接近n. (待人接物或思考问题的)方式,方法,态度;(距离和时间上的)靠近,接近;接洽;建议;要求。这里是v. (在距离或时间上)靠近,接近的意思。

4. outstrip 美 [ˌaʊtˈstrɪp]  v. 比…大(或重要等);超过;胜过;超越(竞争对手);比…跑得快;超越。这里是比…大(或重要等);超过;胜过的意思。

5. fall by ...(具体数值) 下降了...    fall to...(具体数值) 下降到/至...

——发展新动能快速成长。嫦娥四号等一批重大科技创新成果相继问世。新兴产业蓬勃发展,传统产业加快转型升级。大众创业万众创新深入推进,日均新设企业超过1.8万户,市场主体总量超过1亿户。新动能正在深刻改变生产生活方式、塑造中国发展新优势。公众号高斋翻译学堂 微博@高斋翻硕

New growth drivers grew rapidly. A number of major scientific and technological innovations were made, like the Chang'e-4 lunar probe. Emerging industries thrived and traditional industries saw faster transformation and upgrading. Business startups and innovation continued to surge nationwide, with an average of over 18,000 new businesses opening daily and the total number of market entities passing the 100 million mark. New growth drivers are now profoundly changing our mode of production and way of life, creating new strengths for China's development.

CATTI和MTI学习笔记: growth drivers 发展新动能

2. thrive 美 [θraɪv]  v. 兴旺发达;繁荣;蓬勃发展;旺盛;茁壮成长

3. transformation and upgrading  转型升级

4. Business startups and innovation 大众创业万众创新

5. the mode/way of... 指...的模式/方式


New breakthroughs were made in reform and opening up. Institutional reforms of both the State Council and local governments were implemented smoothly. New progress was made in reform in key fields. The negative list system for market access was put fully into effect. Reforms to streamline administration and delegate power, improve regulation, and upgrade services were intensified, and our business environment rose significantly in international rankings.


1. institutional reform  美 [ˌɪnstɪˈtuːʃənl rɪˈfɔːrm]  制度改革;机构改革

2. implement  美 [ˈɪmplɪment , ˈɪmplɪmənt]  v. 使生效;贯彻;执行;实施 n. 工具;器具;(常指)简单的户外用具。这里是执行;实施的意思。

3. intensify  美 [ɪnˈtensɪfaɪ]  v. (使)加强,增强,加剧

4. rank 美 [ˈræŋkɪŋ]  n. 地位,排名,排位(尤指在体育运动中);(某项体育运动的)最佳运动员排名表adj. 地位高的;高级的;最高级的;…级别的;…等级的。这里是n. 地位,排名,排位的意思。


Opening up was expanded on all fronts, and joint efforts to pursue the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) made significant headway. The first China International Import Expo was a success. Work began on building the China (Hainan) Pilot Free Trade Zone. China's total volume of trade in goods exceeded 30 trillion yuan, and its utilized foreign investment totaled US$138.3 billion, ranking China first among developing countries.


1. on all fronts 在各方面; 全方位

2. Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) “一带一路倡议”(BRI)

3. headway 美 [ˈhedweɪ]  n. 前(行)进;进展(步);前进速度(运动);(顶部)净空;净空高度。这里是n. 前(行)进;进展(步)的意思。

4. the first China International Import Expo 首届中国国际进口博览会

5. the China (Hainan) Pilot Free Trade Zone 海南自贸试验区


The three critical battles got off to a good start.1 We forestalled and defused major risks. The macro leverage ratio trended toward a stable level; the financial sector was generally stable. Precision poverty alleviation made significant progress, with the rural poor population reduced by 13.86 million, including 2.8 million people assisted through relocation from inhospitable areas. Pollution prevention and control was strengthened, and PM2.5 density continued to fall. Marked achievements were made in ecological conservation.


1. the three critical battles 三大攻坚战

2. get off to a good start 开局顺利; 开局良好 (固定搭配)

3. forestall 美 [fɔːrˈstɔːl]  v. 预先阻止;在(他人)之前行动;先发制人

4. defuse 美 [ˌdiːˈfjuːz]  v. 缓和;平息;拆除(炸弹的)引信

5. precision poverty alleviation 精准扶贫

6. marked achievements显著的成就

7. conservation 美 [ˌkɑːnsərˈveɪʃn]  n. (对自然环境的)保护;(官方对历史或艺术建筑的)保护;文物保护;防止流失(或浪费、损害、毁坏);保持;保护。这里是(对自然环境的)保护的意思。


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