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最近,政府为了稳定房地产市场,采取了很多措施。比如深圳、广州、西安等城市纷纷出指导价,二手房贷款均按指导价执行!这些措施也让不少人局促不安,经济学人上有写相关的,标题是China’s bid to stabilise its property market is causing jitters。但是我看这篇没什么可写的,今天公众号“高斋外刊双语精读”就选一段1月25日的文章给大家做个精读吧。

经济学人原文:Similar splits are common around the world, with prices high in large cities and low in small towns. But the degree of the divergence in China, multiplied by the sheer size and growth of its market, means that understanding property is essential if you want to get to grips with what is happening in the economy. Every year China starts building about 15m new homesmore than quintuple the amount in America and Europe combined.




第一句:Similar splits are common around the world, with prices high in large cities and low in small towns.


1. Similar splits:因为上一段说的是“大城市买房需要摇号,小城市房子卖不出去”这一两极分化现象,所以这里使用了similar。

大城市房价高企,还需摇号,经济学人上是这么说的:entrants must be registered as residents of the booming cities, which places them on the right side of China’s wealth gap. 参加摇号的人必须落户这些蓬勃发展的城市,有这样的户口就站到了中国贫富差距鸿沟有利的那一边。

Demand for new homes in good locations is so high, and supply so limited, that several cities use lotteries to allocate them, some with odds as low as one in 60. When his number was chosen, John Chen, an engineer in Shanghai, had two minutes to decide whether to drop 9.6m yuan ($1.5m) on a house. “It emptied my bank account. But I did not hesitate,” he says. Yang Yang, a 38-year-old businessman in Hangzhou, lost out in three draws before finally winning one last spring. “It was even more nerve-racking than my university entrance exams,” he jokes.


小城市房价低迷,供应过剩,经济学人上也有描述:By contrast, large swathes of the country have the opposite problem: overbuilt apartment blocks, sputtering economies and few people buying property. Hegang, a town near the border with Russia, briefly found itself in the spotlight after homes there were advertised for just 20,000 yuanless than the cost of a square metre in Shanghai. It was an extreme example of the glut of empty homes in many small towns. 相比之下,中国大部分地区面临相反的情况:公寓楼建造过量,经济发展乏力,买房者寥寥无几。毗邻俄罗斯的小城鹤岗曾一度引起人们的关注,此前那里有房屋挂牌价仅两万元一套,还不到上海一平米的价格。这是许多小城市空置房过剩的一个极端例子。

2. 一词多义split有很多意思,总结如下:

A. 作动词,表示分割,作及物动词,如财产分割split the fortune

B. 作动词,表示分离、分开、分手、离婚,是不及物动词,如经济学人中这句:In 2014, about 3.6m couples split up—more than double the number a decade earlier. 2014年,约有360万对夫妻离婚,较十年前翻了一倍多。

C. 作动词,表示分裂、分成,是不及物动词,经常和into搭配,如高斋外刊精读翻译班中这句:Bestselling books predicted dystopian outcomes in which society split into a wealthy, robot-owning plutocracy and an unemployed underclass, and repressive governments would be needed to rein in social discontent. 畅销书预言了废托邦的结局——社会分裂为拥有机器人的富豪统治者和失业的下层社会,需要政府镇压来控制住社会不满。但机器人并没有抢走所有的工作。

还比如纽约时报上这句:After it arrived in lunar orbit over the weekend, Chang’e-5 split into two. While the lander headed for the surface, the other half remained in orbit.嫦娥五号在上周末到达月球轨道后分一分为二。当着陆器飞向月球表面时,飞船的另一半仍在轨道上运行。

D. 作名词,表示不同、分歧、差异。如a split between what is thought and what is felt. 所想到的和感受到的之间的不同。

E. 还有个常见的合成词split-second,表示瞬间的,在19年考研英语真题中见过:Human drivers sometimes must make split-second decisions. 人类驾驶员有时必须在瞬间做出决定。

F. 作形容词,表示分开的,比如我们常说的“头发分叉”就是split ends,如《怦然心动》中这句:


3. 长难句分析:with表具体情况,with可以引出对前面的补充说明,引出具体情况,如金融时报这句:Chinese consumers' insatiable appetite for luxury goods and services appears unstoppable, with just 2 percent of the Chinese population responsible for one-third of the world's luxury items. 中国消费者对奢侈品和服务有着狂热的购买欲,仅2%的中国人口就包揽了全世界三分之一的奢侈品。

Similar splits are common around the world, with prices high in large cities and low in small towns中with就引出前面的一个具体情况、具体体现。



第二句:But the degree of the divergence in China, multiplied by the sheer size and growth of its market, means that understanding property is essential if you want to get to grips with what is happening in the economy.


1. 长难句分析:主干是the degree of the divergence in China means that,其中that后面是means的宾语从句。multiplied by the sheer size and growth of its market是the degree of the divergence in China的状语。its指China’s,its market具体指中国房市。宾语从句后面的主干是understanding property is essential,其中if you want to get to grips with what is happening in the economy是understanding property is essential的状语。

2. divergence:这个单词的动词是diverge,可以表示分叉,如罗伯特·弗罗斯特的哲理诗《未选择的路》中第四节:

Two roads diverged in a wood

and I took the one less traveled by.

And that has made all the difference.




diverge还可以表示差异、不同,经常搭配diverge from,表示与……不同,与……有偏差,外刊精读翻译班中见过的这句华尔街日报:Adapted from the bestselling 2005 Lisa See novel, the film diverges from the book, adding the modernized cast of characters. 该片改编自邝丽莎(LisaSee)2005年的畅销小说,与原书不同的是加入了现代角色。

形容词是divergent美[daɪ'vɜrdʒənt],表示分歧的,背道而弛的,截然不同的,如金融时报中这句:比如外刊精读翻译班中这句:I could paint two divergent A.I. futures, one deeply humanistic, and one soullessly utilitarian. 我可以描绘出两种截然不同的人工智能时代:一种带有强烈的人文主义色彩,一种则充满冷酷无情的功利主义。


3. 指代具体化翻译:the divergence in China指的就是上一句提到的“大城市房价高企,小城镇房价低迷”,所以可以具体化翻译为房价两极分化。

4. 一词多义:sheer有几种意思,总结如下:

A. 作形容词,可以放在名词前,常用来强调事物的大小、程度或数量如:We were impressed by the sheer size of the cathedral. 大教堂的宏大规模给我们留下了深刻的印象。

还比如《经济学人》中这句:Some observers argue that the sheer number of retailers means that the supermarket wars may not be won by either of the online titans. 一些观察家认为,零售商数量庞大,这意味着可能任何一家互联网巨头都不会赢得这场超市大战。