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The Autumn Wind

Liu Che

When autumn winds are sweeping clouds away,

Leaves fall and wild geese fly>While orchids and chrysanthemums have their best days,

My fair maid always in my mind’s eye stays.


Our boat is floating>Cutting midstream currents now and then,

With music mingled with the songs of men.

My joy is dampened by the simple truth

That senior age falls> 

——汪榕培 译


Song of the Autumn Wind

Liu Che


The autumn wind rises, oh! and white clouds sail the sky;

Grass and leaves yellow, oh! and wild geese southward fly.

Orchids and asters, oh! sweeten the chilly air;

But how can I forget, oh! my lady sweet and fair!

We sail pavilion boat, oh! across the river long;

We reach the mid-stream, oh! and see the breakers white.

The flutes are played and drums, oh! beat time to rowers’ song.

But sorrow would arrive, oh! when pleasures reach their height.

How long will youth endure, oh! when old age is in sight.

——许渊冲 译


Ode to the Autumn Wind

Emperor Liu Che


The autumn gale blowing away, the white clouds go.

The wild geese flying southward, the leaves turn yellow.

The chrysanthemum is fragrant, the orchid beautiful.

It’s impossible for me to forget a lovely pretty girl.

Sailing across the Fen River in a yacht-room,

Wave upon wave, we crossed the mid-stream.

The padding song heard from flute or drum.

No>The younger can never stop their aging doom!

 ——朱曼华 译


Ode to the Autumn Wind

Liu Che


Autumn wind arises, flying are white, white clouds.

Grass and trees turn yellow, wild geese sweeping south.

Orchids bloom; chrysanthemums give forth their scent,

Pining for my Fair, O her, I ne’er can forget.


Barge-pavilions cross the Fenhe River,

Midway breaking snow-white ripples risen,

Flutes and drums keep time to rowers’ songs.

Reveling and feasting prelude sadness long

– How the youthful years are fleeting swift!

Why must old age come to all unbid?

——刘国善、王治江、徐树娟等 译


The Autumn Wind

Liu Ch’e


Autumn winds rise,

white clouds fly,

Grass, trees are yellow and sere,

geese return south.

The orchids are resplendent,

the chrysanthemums, fragrant;

Tenderly I think of the lovely>I cannot forget her.

Sailing in a pavilion boat,

we cross the Fen River*,

Cutting across the current,

white ripples scatter.

Fife and drums play,

the oarsman’s song begins;

As joys reach their end,

sorrows multiply.

Brief is the vigor of youth–

helpless before old age! 

* A major river in Shansi which flows southwest into the Yellow River.

——Ronald C. Miao 译


The Autumn Wind

Wu Ti


The autumn winds rise and white clouds fly,

The grass grows yellow, leaves fall, wild geese return to the south.

The orchids are blossoming, sweet-smelling are the chrysanthemums.

I think of the lovely girl I can never forget.


My dragon boat dips swiftly over the Fen River.

Over these rapids white waves arise.

Flutes and drums beat time, I sing the song of the rowers.

O revel, O feasting, why do these sad thoughts come?

Youth is so brief and death so strong!

——Robert Payne 译


The Autumn Wind



Autumn wind rises; white clouds fly.

Grass and trees wither; geese go south.

Orchids, all in bloom; chrysanthemums smell sweet.

I think of my lovely lady; I never can forget.

Floating-pagoda boat crosses Fên River;

Across the mid-stream white waves rise.

Flute and drum keep time to sound of rowers’ song;

Amidst revel and feasting sad thoughts come;

Youth’s years how few, age how sure!

 ——Arthur Waley 译


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