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A Poem>Liu Yuxi

Ever since old, autumn has made man feel lonely;

And yet I say that autumn is better than spring.

A Crane soars through the clouds to the blue autumn sky,

Which excites my ideal to be equally high.

——郭著章 译


Songs of Autumn (I)

Liu Yuxi

The autumn has been thought bleak since ancient time,

But I deem it’s much brighter than the spring prime.

A crane flies towards a cloud in the serene sky,

Which leads me to ’cite a poem to azure> 

——冯志杰 译


Song of Autumn

Liu Yuxi

The desolate scene of autumn has ever aroused lamentation,

Yet I opine spring morn is not as fair as autumn day.

When in the sunny sky a crane soars>Towards the blue my heart would fly with poetic aspiration.

——万昌盛、王僴中 译



Liu Yu-xi

Autumn’s been called sad and lonesome since ancient days,

But I think it’s better than spring morn in some ways.

A white crane flying into the cloud layer high,

Brings my poetic inspiration to the blue sky.

——杨纪鹤 译


Song of Autumn

Liu Yuxi

Autumn hours have oft been described in sad ways,

But I should say they are better than spring days.

A flock of white cranes soar into the bright sky,

Carrying along my poetic feelings to a lofty place.

——陈君朴 译


On Autumn

Liu Yuxi

Only desolation autumn has been known to arouse;

I would say autumn day is much better than spring morn.

When a crane soars into the blue sky flapping at clouds,

My poetic sentiment follows her to high heaven.

——文殊、王晋熙、邓炎昌 译


Salute to Autumn

Liu Yuxi

Autumn is lamented for its sad look since antiquity.

Yet I say it is better than spring with all its beauty.

A crane soars through the clouds into the sky bright,

Bringing poetry to the blue heaven like a flying kite.

——谢百魁 译


Song of Autumn

Liu Yuxi

The people always sorrowed for their solitude in the fall,

I do think that the autumn day is finer than the spring morn.

Having dispelled the clouds away, a crane soars>And carries my poetic intense emotion into blue sky.

——刘克璋 译


Odes to Autumn (No. 1)

Liu Yuxi

Distress induc’d by autumn has long been a favour’d theme,

But autumn time is lovelier than the morns of spring, I’d say:

Poetic inspiration in the azure seems to gleam

When up into the clouds soars a crane> 

——卓振英 译


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