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1.Be curious


Youth is a crucial time to train a person’s thinking and abilities, and young people should maintain their sensitivity to new things and explore new practices and truths in a daring way.


2.Long road towards dream


The road of life for the youth is long. Along the way, there is flat journey as well as high mountains, slow flow as well as rapids, sunshine as well as rains and winds, joy as well as sorrow.


Only by nurturing sunshine in our hearts and having power under our feet can we strive for our dream unswervingly and live up to the expectations placed on us by the era.


3.Don’t burn the night oil


When I was young, I would get seriously sick once almost every month. Why? Because I often burnt the midnight oil to complete the work. Then I realized that it was not the right way and was not sustainable. So I cleared my mind-while I was passionate inside. I stayed calm outside.

那个时候我年轻,想办好事,差不多一个月大病一场。为什么呢? 老熬夜。经常是通宵达旦干。最后感觉到不行,这么干也长不了。先把自己的心态摆顺了,内在有激情,外在还是要从容不迫。

4.Down-to-earth approach


College students should be ambitious as well as down-to-earth in their job hunts. They should not shy away from working at the grassroots level and in tough places and they should show extraordinary performances in ordinary job situations.


5.Optimistic and tenacious


Young people should be optimistic and tenacious when facing adversities. They should dare to dream, work assiduously to fulfill their dreams and contribute to the revitalization of the nation.


6.Path to realizing dream


Young people must have professional competence. Learning is necessary for growth and progress,while practice is the way to improve competence. The qualities and competence of young people will have a direct influence on the course of realizing the Chinese Dream.


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