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“立春”“二十四节气”的翻译 | MTI翻硕备考
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Inscribed in 2016 on the Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity


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The ancient Chinese divided the sun’s annual circular motion into 24 segments. Each segment was called a specific ‘Solar Term’. The element of Twenty-Four Solar Terms originated in the Yellow River reaches of China.

The criteria for its formulation were developed through the observation of changes of seasons, astronomy and other natural phenomena in this region and has been progressively applied nationwide.

It starts from the Beginning of Spring and ends with the Greater Cold, moving in cycles. The element has been transmitted from generation to generation and used traditionally as a timeframe to direct production and daily routines.

It remains of particular importance to farmers for guiding their practices. Having been integrated into the Gregorian calendar, it is used widely by communities and shared by many ethnic groups in China.

Some rituals and festivities in China are closely associated with the Solar Terms for example, the First Frost Festival of the Zhuang People and the Ritual for the Beginning of Spring in Jiuhua.

The terms may also be referenced in nursery rhymes, ballads and proverbs. These various functions of the element have enhanced its viability as a form of intangible cultural heritage and sustain its contribution to the community’s cultural identity. Knowledge of the element is transmitted through formal and informal means of education.

立春 Beginning of Spring

雨水 Rain Water

惊蛰 Insects Awakening

春分 Spring Equinox

清明 Fresh Green

谷雨 Grain Rain

立夏 Beginning of Summer

小满 Lesser Fullness

芒种Grain in Ear

夏至 Summer Solstice

小暑 Lesser Heat

大暑 Greater Heat

立秋 Beginning of Autumn

处暑 End of Heat

白露 White Dew

秋分 Autumnal Equinox

寒露 Cold Dew

霜降 First Frost

立冬 Beginning of Winter

小雪 Light Snow

大雪 Heavy Snow

冬至 Winter Solstice

小寒 Lesser Cold

大寒 Greater Cold







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