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第一段:Huawei heiress Annabel Yao is embarking on a career in entertainment, she announced in a splashy, 17-minute video documentary that Chinese internet users greeted with derision.

1. heiress美[ˈerəs]:n. (尤指大笔财产的)女继承人。

2. splashy 美[ˈsplæʃi]:adj. 鲜明醒目的;华丽而招摇的;张大声势的。如华尔街日报例句:

Over the past year, AIA splurged on a splashy rebranding campaign that included billboards and television commercials throughout the region.


3. derision美[dɪˈrɪʒn]:n. 嘲笑;取笑;奚落。be greeted with derision 遭到嘲笑。如金融时报上这句话:

Plans to build a migrants' museum in the province, have been greeted with derision.


第二段:Styled by the company in a slick, all-black figure-hugging outfit and high heels perched on top of a crown, Yao is described in TH Entertainment’s 17-minute documentary and accompanying poster, released on Thursday, as a “princess who breaks rules”.

1. styled:v. 表示“设计;使具有……风格”,by引出由谁。如华尔街日报例句:

Most advertisements are styled by stylists, so anyone who knows anything can find faults.



2. slick美[slɪk]:华而不实的,虚有其表的;取巧的;花言巧语的;能说会道的;滑溜溜的;娴熟的;灵巧的。如a slick advertising campaign华而不实的广告攻势。


3. figure-hugging outfit:紧身衣。

4. perched 美[pɜːrtʃt]:表示栖息;停留;置于高处;坐在……边沿;坐在……上,后面往往搭配介词on。这里意思是坐在……边沿。比如金融时报这句:

Alexander, his 23-year-old son, perched on the arm of his chair and ruffled his father's hair in farewell.


第三段:“I’ve never treated myself as a so-called ‘princess’,” she says in the video. “I think I’m like most people my age, I have had to work hard, study hard, before I could get into a good school. I also get confused at times and have to try many different things to find my real path in life.”

第四段:Yao is often compared unfavourably with her half-sister Meng Wanzhou, and critics were quick to mock her for the life of struggle she had presented in the clip.

1. mock:v. 嘲笑,嘲弄。

2. the life of struggle:指奋斗拼搏的生活。网友嘲笑的其中一个点就在于“完全没有看到任何努力拼搏的影子”。

第五段:“If she came out in a low-key way, hid her identity and earned respect from the audience, then I think that’s admirable,” one commentator said. “Sadly, before we can discover her personality and talent, the entire world already knows who her father is.”

low-key:adj. 低调的;不招摇的。如金融时报例句:

In all, it has been a normal lunch break, quite enjoyable in its low- key way.


do sth in a low-key way表示低调行事,如下图经济学人所示:


第六段:Yao is the child of Huawei founder and chief executive Ren Zhengfei and his second wife, Yao Ling. She’s already an accomplished academic and ballet dancer, after passing Britain’s prestigious Royal Academy of Dance’s top-level ballet exam at 15 before earning a place at Harvard University to study computer science when she was just 17, according to media reports.

第二句句子结构分析:句子主干是She’s already an accomplished academic and ballet dancer;after passing ...是时间状语从句,其中又套了两个before和when引导的时间状语从句。

第七段:Yao caught the global public’s attention when, at the age of 20, she was invited to attend high society’s annual Le Bal des Débutantes ball in Paris.

1. high society:上流社会。同义词是polite society。

2. Le Bal des Débutantes ball in Paris:巴黎名媛舞会。巴黎名媛舞会(Le Bal des Débutantes)曾被Forbes评为“世界十大顶尖奢华晚会”,也是很多贵族千金首次亮相社交场合的舞会。

第八段:Traditionally attended by daughters of the aristocracy when they were deemed ready to be presented to society as adults, about 20 girls each year are now invited from a dozen different countries.

aristocracy 美[ˌærɪˈstɑːkrəsi]:n. 贵族。

第九段:Dressed in haute couture and dancing the night away with a member of European royalty, Belgian Count Gaspard de Limburg-Stirum, Yao’s debut was covered by glossy fashion magazines and broadcasters around the world.

1. haute couture 美[ˌoʊt kuˈtʊr]:高级时装。在时装界,Haute Couture意味着奢华的制高点,拥有高不可攀的特权。它是地道的法国国粹,1858年诞生。其中Haute表示顶级,比如经济学人这句:

In haute cuisine, as in haute couture, Paris may still triumph.



2. glossy美[ˈɡlɑːsi]:adj. 可以表示“光滑的;光彩夺目的;有光泽的”,也可以表示“浮华的;虚有其表的;虚饰的”,如the glossy world of fashion浮华的时装界。其中world表示……界。

第十段:However, the young starlet is not the only member of the family to be firing up the internet. Yao’s half-sister and Huawei’s chief financial officer, Meng Wanzhou, is back in a Canadian court seeking an easing of her bail conditions after her 2018 arrest, at the request of the United States, for suspected bank fraud and violation of sanctions against Iran.

1. 第二句句子结构分析:这句主干是Yao’s half-sister and Huawei’s chief financial officer is back in a Canadian court;seeking an easing of her bail conditions是现在分词作伴随状语;for suspected bank fraud and violation of sanctions against Iran表示arrest的原因。

2. bail美[beɪl]:保释。bail conditions指保释条件。seeking an easing of her bail conditions即寻求放宽保释条件。

第十一段:She has been under house arrest since then in Vancouver, and continues to fight extradition to the US, which wants her to stand trial.

1. Vancouver美[vænˈkuːvər]:温哥华。

2. extradition 美[ˌekstrəˈdɪʃn]:n. 引渡。 

3. 固定表达:stand trial表示“受审;接受审判”。路透社报道中也用到了这个短语,原文是:

A New York court issues an arrest warrant for Meng to stand trial in the United States.

第十二段:According to court testimony this week, Meng received death threats while under house arrest – in one case bullets were mailed to her home, the company providing her security testified.

1. 句子结构分析:Meng received death threats;破折号后是补充说明成分;providing her security是现在分词作后置定语修饰the company。

2. testimony:这个词表示“证据;证明”,2020年11月CATTI二笔英译汉中就考到了这个词,原句是:

People are social learners. We develop most of our beliefs from the testimony of trusted others such as our teachers, parents and friends.

3. 固定表达:under house arrest是固定表达,意思是“被软禁;遭软禁”。


第十三段:In the documentary, Yao spoke of her half-sister, saying she had often received criticism from people who compare her to her incarcerated sister Meng.

incarcerated美[ɪnˈkɑːrsəreɪtɪd]:adj. 表示“被监禁的”。如经济学人例句:

The number of incarcerated Americans has quadrupled since 1980, to 2. 3m.



第十四段:“I had often wondered why they said negative things about me and why everyone likes my sister but not me,” she said. “I will use these voices of doubts as my driving force to move forward.”

第十五段:The Chinese public have had a complicated relationship with Huawei. Seen as the pride of China’s tech industry, Huawei was viewed as a fighter against foreign forces by pro-government nationalists after fending off claims by the x government that it had spied for b.

1. was viewed as by是一起的

2. fending off表示“挡住;抵挡;抗衡;击退”。如voa例句:

East Asian nations have agreed to form an $80 billion fund to help each other fend off the effects of the global financial crisis.


3. spied美[spaɪd]:原型是spy,表示“从事间谍活动;充当间谍”。,spy for中的for表示为……。

第十六段:But in 2019, the company lost its shine when a former Huawei employee spent 251 days in jail after being accused of extortion from the company.

extortion美[ɪkˈstɔːrʃn]:n. 敲诈罪;勒索罪。这是一个不可数名词。金融时报对这一事件的报道中也用到了这个词:

Huawei then accused him of extortion and he was detained by police in Shenzhen for 251 days, according to a court document.

第十七段:Long-time employee Li Hongyuan had demanded severance pay after his contract was not renewed with the firm. By the time he was released without charge, many had turned against the company and declared it another case of the little people being crushed by giant corporations when they tried standing up for their rights.

1. severance美[ˈsevərəns] pay:解雇费;遣散费;离职补偿金。

2. 固定表达:be released without charge是固定表达,意思是“被无罪释放”,如金融时报例句:

Mr Bakir, who denies any wrongdoing, was questioned by police 10 days ago and released without charge.


第十八段:“The elephant has stepped on the ant,” said one internet critic.

第十九段:While the company continues to be shrouded in controversy, the women’s father admitted in earlier media interviews that he felt he “owed” his daughters after leaving them for months at a time to fend for themselves when he was getting Huawei off the ground.

1. 固定表达:be shrouded in表示“笼罩在……之中;蒙着……”, be shrouded in controversy可以当作固定表达来记,意思是饱受争议。比如华尔街日报上描写三峡大坝这句:

The world's largest dam at 600 feet tall, the Three Gorges has been shrouded in controversy since long before it was built.


2. 固定表达:get ... off the ground意思是“让……起步;让……起飞;让……顺利开始”,如金融时报这句:

In terms of job creation today, getting construction projects off the ground is critical.


第二十段:“Sometimes I stay abroad for months and don’t cross paths with my children,” he said in one interview. “I owe them a great deal. My children all depended on themselves. They have set high standards for themselves.”

cross paths with:见面,不期而遇。












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