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  Listen to the following passage.Altogether the passage will be read to you four times.During the first reading, which will be done at normal speed, listen and try to understand the meaning.For the second and third readings,the passage will be read sentence by sentence, or phrase by phrase,with intervals of 15 seconds.The last reading will be done at normal speed again and during this time you should check your work.You will then be given 2 minutes to check through your work once more.Please write the whole passage on ANSWER SHEET ONE.


  In Sections A,B and C you will hear everything ONCE ONLY. Listen carefully and then answer the questions that follow.Mark the best answer to each question on Answer Sheet Two.


  In this section you will hear several conversations.Listen to the conversations carefully and then answer the questions that follow.

  Questions l to 3 are based on the following conversation.At the end of the conversation, you will be given 15 seconds to answer the questions.Now, listen to the conversation.

  l.The Ethical Consumer Research Association will provide information to shoppers on

  A.product price.

  B.product quality.


  D.production methods.

  2.According to the conversation,an ethical shopper should

  A.ask for others’advice before buying things.

  B.consider the worth of something to be bought.

  C.postpone buying things whenever possible. for things that are less costly.

  3.According to the conversation,ethical shoppers can be best described as

  A.shrewd. B.thrifty.

  C.extravagant. D.cautious.

  Questions 4 to 7 are based on the following conversation.At the end of the conversation,you will be given 20 seconds to answer the questions.Now,listen to the conversation.

  4.Which of the following statements is CORRECT about Mary?

  A.She is enjoying her language study.

  B.She is enjoying her management study.

  C.She is not feeling very well at the moment.

  D.She is not happy about her study pressure.

  5.What does Mary think of the course initially?

  A.It is useful. B.It is difficult.

  C.It is challenging. D.It is interesting.

  6.What is Mary’s problem of living in a family house?

  A.She dislikes the food she eats. B.She is unable to sleep well.

  C.She has no chance to make friends. D.She finds the rent high.

  7.Which of the following is Mr.Davies’advice?

  A.To tryto make more friends.

  B.To try to change accommodation.

  C.To spend more time on English.

  D.To stop attending language classes.

  Questions 8 to 10 are based on the following conversation.At the end of the conversation,you will be given 15 seconds to answer the questions.Now,listen to the conversation.

  8.According to the conversation,the day is special because

  A.many people are surfing the net on that day. is an anniversary of the internet.

  C.the net brought about no changes until that day.

  D.big changes will take place on that day.

  9.We learn from the conversation that people

  A.cannot Jive without the internet.

  B.cannot work without the internet.

  C.all use the internet to keep in touch.

  D.have varied opinions about internet use.

  10.At the end of the conversation.the speakers talk about

  A.the future of the internet.

  B.the type of office furniture.

  C.when changes will come. people will use the internet.


  In this section,you will hear several passages.Listen to the passages carefully and then answer the questions that follow.

  Questions 11 to 13 are based on the following passage.At the end of the passage, you will be given 15 seconds to answer the questions.Now, listen to the passage.

  11.In order to open a bank account,you need to produce____in addition to your passport.

  A.a library card B.a registration form

  C.a telephone bill D.a receipt

  12.Which of the following might NOT be included in the‘utility bill’?

  A.Rent. B.Gas. C.Water. D.Telephone.

  13.According to the passage,what can one do in the post office?

  A.Getting contact details. B.Obtaining tax forms.

  C.Paying housing rents. D.Applying for loans.

  Questions 14 to 17 are based on the following passage.At the end of the passage, you will be given 20 seconds to answer the questions.Now, listen to the passage.

  14.According to the passage,‘scheduling’means that you

  A.need to be efficient in work.

  B.plan your work properly.

  C.try to finish work ahead of time.

  D.know how to work in teams.

  15.According to the passage, one of the activities to relax could be

  A.protecting wild animals.

  B.spending time with your family.

  C.learning how to read efficiently.

  D.learning how to do gardening.

  16.One of the ways to reduce stress is to better than anyone else.

  B.fulfill high ambitions in one's work. and have reasonable aims.

  D.start with a relatively low aim.

  17.According to the passage,to reduce stress has something to do with the following EXCEPT's position.'s interest.'s health.'s mood.

  Questions 18 to 20 are based on the following passage.At the end of the passage, you will be given 15 seconds to answer the questions.Now, listen to the passage.

  18.According to the passage,new words tend to come from politics. B.advances in science.

  C.areas of life. D.all the above.

  19.The passage explains the larger and richer vocabulary of English mainly from a viewpoint.

  A.historical B.cultural

  C.commercial D.colonial

  20.According to the passage,which of the following statements best describes the English language?

  A.It is outdated in grammar.

  B.It accepts new words from science.

  C.It has begun taking in new words.

  D.It tends to embrace new words.


  In this section,you will hear several news items.Listen to them carefully and then answer the questions that follow.

  Questions 21 and 22 are based OH the following news.At the end of the news item,you will be given 10 seconds to answer the questions.Now listen to the news.

  21.Where was the marble statue found?

  A.Out in the sea. B.Inside a bath house.

  C.On a cliff along the coast. D.On the coast outside Jerusalem.

  22.Which of the following best describes the condition of the statue?

  A.It was incomplete. B.It was recent artwork.

  C.It was fairly tall. D.It was in pieces.

  Questions 23 and 24 are based on the following news.At the end of the news will be given 10 seconds to answer the questions.Now, listen to the news.

  23.The rescue efforts concentrated mainly on

  A.the U.S.-Canada border B.snow-stricken regions.

  C.highways. streets.

  24.According to the news,the last group of people might have been stranded in their vehicles

  for more than ____ hours before being rescued.

  A.24 B.25 C.40 D.48

  Questions 25 and 26 are based on the following news.At the end of the news item, you will be given 10 seconds to answer the questions.Now, listen to the news.

  25.According to the 2006 anti-smoking restrictions,smoking was NOT allowed in

  A.offices. B.restaurants. C.bars. playgrounds.

  26.According to the news,which of the following groups reacts negatively to the new law?

  A.Television producers. B.Hotel owners.

  C.Medical workers. D.Hospital management.

  Questions 27 and 28 are based on the following news.At the end of the news item,you will be given 10 seconds to answer the questions.Now, listen to the news.

  27.According to the news,who first discovered the fraud?

  A.A client. B.A bank manager.

  C.The police. D.Bank headquarters.

  28.When did the bank employee hand himself in?

  A.A month before the fraud was discovered.

  B.A day before the fraud was discovered.

  C.A day after the police launched investigation.

  D.A month after he transferred the money.

  Question 29 is based on the following news.At the end of the news item, you will be given 5 seconds to answer the question.Now, listen to the news.

  29.What is this news item mainly about?

  A.How to open Hotmail accounts.

  B.How to retrieve missing e-mails.

  C.New e-mail service by Microsoft.

  D.Problems and complaints about e-mails.

  Question30 is based on the following news.At the end of the news item, you will be given 5 seconds to answer the question.Now, listen to the news.

  30.Compared with 2009,which of the following figures remained about the same in 2010?

  A.Number of tickets sold. B.Box office revenues.

  C.Attendance rate. D Number of cinemas


  Decide which of the choices given below would best complete the passage if inserted in the corresponding blanks.Mark the best choice for each blank on Answer Sheet Two.

  The earthquake of 26th December 2004 resulted in one of the worst natural disasters in living memory.It was a (31) _____ underwater quake and occurred in the Indian Ocean.It (32) ____ coastlines,communities and brought death to many people.

  Why do earthquakes happen?

  The surface of the earth has not always looked as it does today;it is moving(33)____ (although very slowly)and has done so for billions of years.This is one(34)____ of earthquakes,when one section of the earth (tectonic plate)(35)____ another.Scientists can predict where but not(36)____ this might happen and the area between plates is called a fault line.On one fault line in Kobe,Japan in 1923 over 200,000 people were killed.(37)____,earthquakes do not always

  happen on fault lines,(38)____ is why they are so dangerous and (39)____.

  Where do volcanoes happen?

  Volcanoes happen where the earth's(40)____ is thin:lava,dust and gases(41)____ from beneath the earth.They can rise into a huge cone shape like a mountain and erupt,(42)____ they can be so violent(43)____ they just explode directly from the earth with no warning.There are 1511(44)'____' volcanoes in the world.This means that they may(45)____ be dangerous.In 1985 the Colombian volcano Nevado del Ruiz erupted.The lava melted a glacier and sent tones of mud(46)____ the town below.Twenty thousand people died.Natural disasters like volcanic eruptions are often unpredictable.We regularly do not know when they(47)____ pen,or (48)____ where they will happen.In the future,scientists may be able to watch and predict(49)____ before they happen.This could(50)____ many lives.

  31.A.massive B.significant C.great D.grand

  32.A.changed B.converted C.destroyed D.transformed

  33.A.frequently B.continuously C.regularly D.periodically

  34.A.source B.reason C.movement D.cause

  35.A.collides with B.confronts with C.meets with D.faces with B.why C.when D.what

  37.A.Generally B.However C.Similarly D.Anyway

  38.A.that C.this D.which

  39.A.unpredictable B.unaccountable C.inevitable D.irresistible

  40.A.surface B.appearance C.crust D.cover

  41.A.flowed out B.burst out C.1eaked out D.trickled out

  42.A.or B.and C.nor D.but B.for D.that C.alive

  45.A.relatively B.hardly C.still D.gradually

  46.A.down B.on C.across D.beyond

  47.A.are to B.should C.must D.might

  48.A.else B.even C.though D.whether

  49.A.accidents B.incidents C.occasions

  50.A.rescue C.preserve D.shelter


  There are thirty sentences in this section.Beneath each sentence there are four words, phrases or statements marked A,B, C and D.Choose one word, phrase or statement that best completes the sentence.Mark your answers on Answer Sheet Two.

  51.Which of the following sentences is INCORRECT?

  A.Twenty miles seems like a long walk to him.

  B.No one except his supporters agree with him.

  C.Neither Julia nor I were going to the party.

  D.Few students in my class are really lazy.

  52.Which of the following determiners(限定词)can be placed before both singular count nouns and plural count nouns?

  A.many a B.few C.such D.the next

  53.Which of the following reflexive pronouns(反身代词)is used as an appositive(同位语)?

  A,He promised himself rapid progress.

  B.The manager herself will interview Mary.

  C.I have nothing to say for myself.

  D.They quarreled themselves red in the face.

  54.My boss ordered that the legal documents ____ to him before lunch. sent B.were sent C.were to be sent D.must be sent

  55.Which of the following sentences expresses WILLINGNESS?

  A.By now she will be eating dinner.

  B.I shall never do that again.

  C.My brother will help you with the luggage.

  D.You shall get a promotion.

  56.Which of the following sentences is INCORRECT?

  A.How strange feelings they are!

  B.How dare you speak to me like that!

  C.What noise they are making!

  D. What a mess we are in!

  57.which of the italicized parts functions as a subject?

  A.We never doubt that her brother is honest.

  B.The problem is not who will go but who will stay.

  C.You must give it back to whoever it belongs to。

  D.It is clear that the crime was done deliberately.

  58.which of the italicized parts functions as an object?

  A.He doesn’t like the idea of my speaking at the meeting.

  B.It is no use your pretending not to know the matter.

  C.My parents strongly object to my going out alone at night.

  D.Her falling into the river was the climax of the whole trip.

  59.All the following sentences have an appositive EXCEPT

  A.She bought herself a pair of new shoes.

  B.Only one problem still remains-the food.

  C.My friends all understand and support me.

  D.She liked her current job,teaching English.

  60.Which of the following best explains the meaning of“Shall we buy the tickets first”?

  A.He said that we were going to buy the tickets first.

  B.He requested that we buy the tickets first.

  C.He suggested that we buy the tickets first.

  D.He advised us to buy the tickets first.

  61.Which of the following contains an adverbial clause of cause?

  A.I got a job as soon as I left university.

  B.As there was no answer, I wrote again.

  C.You must do the exercises as I show you.

  D.Wealthy as he is,Mark is not a happy man.

  62.Which of the following prepositional phrases can function as an adverbial?

  A.Are you sure of Simon's disappearance?

  B.The man with a beard is talking to the manage.

  C.Every precaution was taken against the failure of the plan.

  D.Despite the rain,everyone enjoyed the trip. promised to take me out. B:Well_____

  A. so I did! B. so did I. C. so I do! D. so do I

  64.Which of the following prepositional phrases is an adverbial of concession?

  A.They used the box for keeping treasures.

  B.I stepped aside for her to get in first.

  C.For all that he seems to dislike me,I still like him.

  D.The parents bought a birthday cake for their son.

  65.Which of the following sentences is INCORRECT?

  A.Poultry are very expensive in the city.

  B.New machinery were introduced in the factory.

  C.The police are investigating the murder case.

  D.The militia were called out to rescue flood victims.

  66.The girl cannot come to school today on account of the flu.The underlined part means_____.

  A.concerning B.because of to D.for

  67.Mary and John are busy looking for a hotel for their wedding _____.

  A.meal B.snack C.refreshment D.banquet

  68.Mini-skirts first _____ in the 1960s.

  A.caught out B.caught in C.caught on D.caught up

  69.That outburst at the meeting was ____ of his bad temper.

  A.illustrative B.explanatory C.expository D.revealing

  70.The earthquake refugees are ____ for food and blankets.

  A.desirous B.ambitious C.seriously off D.badly off

  71.When Linda heard the good news she tried to sound casual,but her excitement was obvious.

  The underlined part means _____.

  A.uncaring B.disinterested C.without plan D.without warning

  72.Most Chinese people went to work by bike within living _____.

  A.mind B.knowledge C.memory D.scope

  73.The speaker was very good at ____ his ideas during the discussion.

  A.putting aside B.putting across C.putting back D.putting off

  74.The food is good at this hotel,but the ____ is poor;the waiters don’t seem to be well trained.

  A.maintenance C.charge D.service

  75.Slavery was ____ in America in the 19th century.

  A.abolished B.cancelled C.abandoned D.terminated

  76.Mercifully,I was able to complete all I had to do within a few days.The underlined part means _____.

  A.efficiently B.surprisingly C.fortunately D.shortly

  77.The boys in the dorm ____ a coin to decide who would clean the floor.

  A.held B.tossed C.put D.collected

  78.The patterns of spoken language are ____ from those of writing.

  A.distinct B.distinctive C.distinguished D.distinguishing

  79.A(n)____ shape has four straight sides at 90°to each other, two of which are much longer than the other two.

  A.square B.oval C.oblong D.circular

  80.I’d like to have a ____ word with his parents.

  A.peaceful B.quiet C.silent D.personal


  In this section there are four passages followed by questions or unfinished statements,each with four suggested answers marked A,B,C and D.Choose the one that you think is the best answer.Mark your answers on Answer Sheet Two.


  Saying“thank you”is probably the first thing most of us learn to do in a foreign language.After all,we’re brought up to be polite,and it is important to make a good impression upon other people—especially across national divides.

  So.what exactly are you supposed to say when "thank you" is only the 20th most popular way to express gratitude? According to a recent survey,19 other ways of expressing appreciation finished ahead of "thank you" in a poll of 3,000 people.

  Pollsters found almost half of those asked preferred the more informal“cheers”,while others liked to use such expressions as“ta”,“great" and“nice one”.

  So,just what is the appropriate form of words to express your thanks?

  Fortunately, the clue is in the language itself.“Cheers”,despite its popularity,is considered an informal way to say thank you—and this is a definite clue as to when you can best use it.

  For instance,when going for a drink with friends,a smile and a“cheers”by way of thanks is not only appropriate to the situation,it is also culturally accurate.

  “Ta”,originated from the Danish word“tak”, was the second-most popular expression of thanks,and is also commonly used in informal situations,along with phrases such as“nice one”, and“brilliant”.Interestingly, one word that didn’t make it into the top 20 was“thanks”.Thank you's shorter, more informal cousin.

  “Thanks”can be useful,as it is able to bridge the divide between the formality of “thank you" and the downright relaxed“cheers”.

  Certain words can double as an expression of thanks as well as delight.Again,the words themselves offer the clue as to when best to use them.

  For example,words like“awesome”,“brilliant" and“you star" featured highly in the new poll and they can hint at both your pleasure at someone's action,as well as serving to express your thanks.If you are on the receiving end of a“new”thank you,you can respond with a simple“no problem”, or“sure”.

  Of course,in certain circumstances,a simple wave,nod or smile may be appropriate.For instance,if a car driver slows down to let you cross the road,simply raising your hand in acknowledgement is enough to show that you appreciate the driver's consideration.

  Sometimes,formality is necessary, and“thank you”is still the best choice in such situations.

  But students should not worry about when exactly to use certain expressions.

  Many people in Western countries are worried that good manners are in decline.People are

  tired of seeing their acts of kindness and service pass without comment.So don’t think that your

  “thank you”was clumsy or awkwardly formal.The chances are,if you said “thank you”,you

  made someone’s day.You star.

  81.We can tell from the results of the poll that

  A.people are unconcerned about politeness nowadays.

  B.“thank you”remains the best expression of gratitude.

  C.there is a variety of expressions of appreciation.

  D.there are more formal expressions than informal ones.

  82.Which word/phrase does NOT appear in the top 20?

  A.Cheers. B.Thanks. C.Brilliant. D.You star.

  83.According to the passage.which is an appropriate response to“awesome”or“brilliant”?

  A.Thanks. B.Cheers. C.Nice one. D.Sure.

  84.According to the passage,the way in which we express our gratitude depends on all the following EXCEPT

  A.gender. B.formality. C.culture. D.circumstance.

  85.In the last paragraph the author encourages people to

  A.continue their acts of kindness.

  B.behave themselves well. their gratitude to others.

  D.stop worrying about bad manners.


  From 2007 to 2010,American households lost $l1 trillion in real estate,savings, and stocks More than half of all U.S.workers either lost their jobs or were forced to take cuts in hours or pay during the recession.The worst may be behind them now, but the shocking losses of the past few years have reshaped nearly every facet of their lives—how they live,work,and spend—even the way they think about the future.

  For Cindy, the recession began when her husband was relocated to Rhinelander, his company forcing the family to move in a hurry.The couple bought a new house but were unable to sell their two-bedroom home in Big Lake,Minnesota.With two mortgages(抵押借款) and two young children to care for, Cindy couldn't imagine how to stretch her husband's paycheck to keep her family fed.

  Then she stumbled upon an online community called Blotanical,a forum for gardeners,many with an interest in sustainability.“The more I read and discussed these practices,the more I realized this would help not only our budget but also our health,”she says.

  Cindy admits that before the recession,she was a city girl with no interest in growing her own dinner.“I grew flowers mostly—I didn’t think about plants that weren’t visually interesting." But to stretch her budget,she began putting in vegetables and fruit—everything from strawberry beds to apple trees—and as her first seedlings grew,her spirits lifted.She no longer thinks of gardening and making her own jams as just a money saver;they’re a genuine pleasure.“It’s brought us closer together as a family, too,”she says.Her kids voluntarily pitch in with(主动帮助)the garden work,and the family cooks together instead of eating out.The food tastes better —it's fresher and organic —and the garden handily fulfills its original purpose:cost cutting.Now she spends about $200 to $300 a month on groceries.less than half of the $650 a month that she used to lay out.

  After discovering how resourceful she can be in tough times,Cindy is no longer easily discouraged.“It makes me feel proud to be able to say I made it myself,”she says.“I feel accomplished,and I'm more confident about attempting things I've never done before." Now she avoids convenience stores and has begun learning to knit,quilt,and make her own soap."I don't think I would have ever begun this journey if it weren’t for the recession,”she says.“I have a feeling that from now on,it will affect my family’s health and happiness for the better."

  86.We learn from the first paragraph that the recession

  A.affected Americans in certain occupations.

  B.had great impact on Americans’work and life.

  C.had only brought huge losses in savings and stocks. over with some of the losses recovered.

  87.What made the family's financial situation even worse was that they

  A.moved to Rhinelander in a hurry.

  B.had two children to raise.

  C.didn't know anyone in Rhinelander.

  D.couldn't sell their home in Big Lake.

  88.Which of the following statements is CORRECT?

  A.Cindy had seen the benefits of gardening in a different way.

  B.Cindy had developed a hobby of gardening before the recession.

  C.Cindy had already had a keen interest in sustainability.

  D.Cindy had already planned to meet the gardeners.

  89.In addition, Cindy views gardening as a genuine pleasure because gardening

  A.helped her cut living costs almost by half.

  B.enabled her to make her own jams.

  C.built up family ties and kids’enthusiasm.

  D.enabled her to know more about plants.

  90.What does Cindy think of the difficult times she has gone through?

  A.It gave the couple and their kids a tough lesson.

  B.It gave her confidence and optimism.

  C.It would come again and affect the family.

  D.It left a lasting psychological impact on the family.


  “I'm a little worried about my future,”said Dustin Hoffman in The Graduate.He should be so lucky.All he had to worry about was whether to have an affair with Mrs Robinson.In the sixties,that was the sum total of post-graduation anxiety syndrome.

  Hoffman's modern counterparts are not so fortunate.The Mrs Robinsons aren't sitting around at home any more,seducing graduates.They are out in the workplace,doing the high-powered jobs the graduates want,but cannot get.For those fresh out of university, desperate for work but unable to get it,there is a big imbalance between supply and demand.And there is no narrowing of the gap in sight.

  The latest unemployment figures show that 746,000 of 18-24 year-olds are unemployed— a record rate of 18 per cent.Many of those will have graduated this summer.They are not panicking yet,but as the job rejections mount up,they are beginning to feel alarmed.

  Of course,it is easy to blame the Government and,in particular, the target that Labour has long trumpeted---50 per cent of school-leavers in higher education.That was not too smart.The Government has not only failed to meet its target—the actual figure is still closer to 40 per cent— but it has raised expectations to unrealistic levels.

  Parents feel as badly let down as the young people themselves.Middle-class families see their graduate offspring on the dole(救济金)queue and wonder why they bothered paying school fees.Working-class families feel an even keener sense of disappointment.For many such families,getting a child into university was the fulfillment of a lifelong dream.It represented upward social and financial mobility.It was proof that they were living in a dynamic,economically successful country.That dream does not seem so rosy now.

  Graduate unemployment is not,ultimately, a political problem ready to be solved.Job-creation schemes for graduates are very low down in ministerial in-trays.If David Cameron's Conservatives had a brilliant idea for guaranteeing every graduate a well-paid job,they would have unveiled it by now.It is a social problem,though a more deep-seated social problem than people perhaps realize.

  91.The author begins with an episode from The Graduate in order to the fact that more women are working now. that few graduates started working right after graduation.

  C.demonstrate that there were much fewer graduates than now.

  D.emphasize the sharp contrast between now and then.

  92.With regard to job opportunities for young graduates,the author sounds

  A.pessimistic. B.hopeful. C.indifierent. D.furious.

  93.The author is ____ the Labour Government's target:50% of school leavers in higher education. favour of B.doubtful about

  C.strongly critical of D.mildly critical of

  94.Which of the following statements about parents’feelings is CORRECT?

  A.Working—class parents feel just as disappointed.

  B.Parents and their children feel equally disappointed.

  C.Middle—class parents feel more disappointed.

  D.Parents feel more disappointed than their children.

  95.Towards the end of the passage,the author implies that

  A.there will be job-creation schemes for graduates.

  B.graduate unemployment is more of a political issue.

  C.graduate unemployment is both a political and a social issue.

  D.the Conservatives are doing far from enough to solve the issue.


  No matter how many times you have seen images of the golden mask of boyking Tutankhamen,come face to face with it in Egypt's Cairo museum,and you will suck in your breath.

  It was on Nov 4,1923,that British archaeologist Howard Carter stumbled on a stone at the base of the tomb of another pharaoh(法老)in Luxor that eventually led to a sealed doorway.

  Then,on Nov 23,Carter found a second door and when he stuck his head through it,what he saw was to stun the world.Inside lay the great stone coffin,enclosing three chests of gilded wood.

  A few months later, when a crane lifted its granite cover and one coffin after another was removed, Carter found a solid block of gold weighing 110kg.In it was the mummy(木乃伊) of the 19-year-old Tutankhamen,covered in gold with that splendid funeral mask.And all this lay buried for more than 3,000 years.

  Months after my trip to Egypt, I can relive the rush of emotion I felt and sense the hush that descended on the crammed Cairo museum's Tutankhamen gallery.

  Cairo,a dusty city of 20 million people,is a place where time seems to both stand still and rush into utter chaos.It is a place where the ancient and contemporary happily go along on parallel tracks.

  Take the Great Pyramids of Giza,sitting on the western edge of the city.Even as the setting sun silhouettes these gigantic structures against the great desert expanse,a call for prayer floats over semi-finished apartment blocks filled with the activity of city life.

  While careful planning for the afterlife may lie buried underground in Cairo,it is noise and confusion on the streets.Donkey carts battle for space with pedestrians and the only operative road rule is“might is right.”But it is a city that is full of life—from the small roadside restaurants to the coffee shops where men and women smoke the shisha(水烟壶).

  Donkey carts piled high with flat-breads magically find their way in and out the maddening traffic;young women in long skirts and headscarves hold hands with young men in open collar shirts,while conversations dwell on Kuwait's chances at the soccer World Cup.

  96.According to the context,“suck in your breath”means“feel a sense of ____".

  A.awe B.horror C.doubt D.delight

  97.Which of the following statements about the discovery of the mummy is INCORRECT?

  A.The mummy was first discovered by a British archaeologist.

  B.The discovery of the mummy came as a surprise.

  C.The mummy was found lying right inside the stone coffin.

  D.The masked mummy was covered in gold.

  98.Which word CANNOT be used to describe the city of Cairo?

  A.Crowdedness. B.Quiet. C.Noise. D.Confusion.

  99.Which pair of words/phrases indicates contrast?

  A.Gigantic structure;great desert expanse

  B.A call for prayer;men and women with the shisha


  D.Coffee shops;pyramids

  100.What is the author's attitude towards Cairo?

  A.Positive. B.Objective. C.Negative. D. Not clear



  The Dragon Boat Festival(端午节)is one of the important national festivals in China.Write on ANSWER SHEET THREE a composition of about 200 words on the following topic:

  The Dragon Boat Festival

  First, you should tell what you know about the festival.

  Second, you should describe how you or other people usually observe the festival.

  Marks will be awarded for content, organization,language and appropriateness.Failure to follow the instructions may result in a loss of marks.


  Write on ANSWER SHEET THREE a note of about 50-60 words based on the following situation:

  The winter vacation was over,and you came back by train yesterday.Your friend (Michael or Lucy)went to the railway station to meet you and helped cleaning your dorm.Now,write him/her a note,expressing your gratitude and offering your help in return.

  Marks will be awarded for content organization, language and appropriatenes


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