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1. 甬舟铁路 the Ningbo-Zhoushan Railway

2. 海底高铁隧道 a undersea high-speed railway tunnel

3. 沉管公路隧道 a submerged highway tunnel/immersed tunnel for road traffic

4. 高铁盾构隧道 a high speed shield railway tunnel

5. 沿江高铁 high-speed railways along the Yangtze River

6. 港珠澳大桥 the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge

7. 跨海大桥 a cross-sea bridge

8. 海中人工岛 offshore artificial islands

9. 交通领域新基建 new infrastructure construction in the transport sector

10. 两新一重(新型基础设施、新型城镇化和重大工程)new infrastructure and new urbanization initiatives and major projects

11. 铁路强国 a powerhouse in the railway sector

12. 铁路营运里程 mileage of operational railway

13. 城际列车 inter-city trains

14. 轨道交通 rail traffic

15. 国务院新闻办  the State Council Information Office of China

16. 高标准农田建设 high-standard farmland construction

17. 提升农业科技创新水平raise agricultural technological innovation capability

18. 加快推广使用 speed up promotion and application

19. 增强粮食生产能力 enhance the capability of grain production

20. 增强防灾减灾能力 enhance the capability of disaster prevention and mitigation

21. 夏粮丰收 bumper summer harvest of grains

22. 口粮绝对安全 absolute security of staple food

23. 农民专业合作社  specialized farmers' cooperatives

24. 家庭农场 family farms

25. 新型农业经营主体 new types of agricultural businesses

26. 转变农业发展方式 transformation of agricultural development

27. 粮食安全food security

28. 网络直播 livestreaming

29. 主播a livestreaming host

30. 直播带货 sell products through livestreaming platforms

31. 限时秒杀 time-limited sec-killing

32. 直播账号信用评价体系 the credit evaluation system for livestreaming accounts

33. 违法违规直播平台 illegal livestreaming platforms

34. 清理有害账号及信息 clear up harmful accounts and information

35. 封禁一批违法违规网络主播 ban streamers violating laws and regulations

36. 直播经济 the livestreaming economy

37. 直播课 livestreaming classes

38. 直播答题 livestreaming quizzes

39. 网红 an online celebrity

40. 粉丝经济 the fan economy

41. 非法弹窗广告 illegal pop-up ads

42. 宿舍型公租房 dormitory-style public rental housing

43. 廉租房 low-rent housing

44. 限价房 price-capped housing

45. 经济适用房 affordable housing

46. 保障性住房 indemnificatory housing

47. 商品房 commercial residential buildings

48. 去库存 reduce housing inventories

49. 住房公积金 housing funds

50. 棚户区 shanty towns

51. 住房信息系统 the housing information system

52. 放宽新能源汽车限购 relax curbs on new energy vehicle purchases

53. 汽车购买配额 vehicle purchase quotas

54. 车牌摇号 a lottery for license plates

55. 智慧零售 smart retail

56. 对购置新能源汽车等给予补贴 offer subsidies for the purchase of new energy vehicles

57. 应急储备 emergency stockpiles

58. 智能汽车 smart vehicles

59. 插电式混合动力汽车 plug-in hybrid electric vehicles

60. 纯电动汽车 battery electric vehicles

61. 燃料电池汽车 fuel-cell electric vehicles

62. 充电桩 charging stations

63. 中签率 odds of winning

64. 北斗三号全球卫星导航系统 BeiDou Navigation Satellite System (BDS-3)

65. 空间导航系统 space-based navigation systems

66. 助推火箭 booster rockets

67. 发射场 launch sites

68. 可重复使用运载火箭 reusable carrier rockets

69. 卫星导航 satellite navigation

70. “双循环”发展格局 a "dual circulation" development pattern

71. 扩大内需expand domestic demand

72. 保护和激发市场主体活力 protect and spur the vitality of market entities

73. 打持久战 fight a protracted war

74. 司法责任制 the judicial accountability system

75. 依法治国 law-based governance of the country

76. 司法改革 judicial reforms

77. 中国特色社会主义国家制度与法律制度 the socialist state and legal systems with Chinese characteristics

78. 法治精神 spirit of the rule of law

79. 长城文化节 The Great Wall cultural festival

80. 八达岭长城 the Badaling section of the ancient wall

81. 八达岭长城“夜游长城” night tours of the Badaling Great Wall

82. 联合国教科文组织《世界遗产名录》the UNESCO World Heritage Site

83. 长城北京段 Beijing sections of the Great Wall

84. 全网络实名制售票 real-name online ticketing

85. 热门景点 tourist hotspots

86. 网络实名购票 real-name online ticketing

87. 散客 individual tourists

88. 自由行 an independent travel

89. 长城文化带 the Great Wall culture belt

90. 六预警齐发 issue six alerts

91. 地质灾害 geological disasters

92. 山洪灾害 flash flood disasters

93. 平均降雨量 the average precipitation

94. 最大降雨量 the highest precipitation

95. 经常性的阵雨 frequent showers

96. 倾盆大雨 rain cats and dogs

97. 暴雨/倾盆大雨 torrential downpours/rains

98. 持续降雨 persistent rain

99. 大雨 heavy rain

100. 降雨 rainfall

101. 暴雨 downpour

102. 阵雨 shower

103. 暴风雨 storm/tempest/rainstorms

104. 雷阵雨 thundershower

105. 毛毛雨 drizzle

106. 启动I级防汛应急响应 activate the highest level of flood control response

107. 警戒水位 the warning level

108. 保证水位 the flood-stage level

109. 汛限水位 the upper limit of reservoir water level

110. 洪水 floods/floodwater/inundation

111. 山洪暴发 flash floods

112. 洪峰 the flood peak

113. 河道/水道 watercourses

114. 排水量 water discharge

115. 水量 water volume

116. 水库 water reservoirs

117. 分流洪水 discharge flood waters

118. 防洪能力 flood prevention capability

119. 国家勋章和国家荣誉称号 the national medal and honorary title

120. 功勋荣誉表彰制度 the award system of medals and honorary titles

121. 国家最高荣誉 the highest honor of the country

122. 恢复生产生活秩序 to resume work and normal life

123. 新零售 new retail

124. 半成品 half-finished products

125. 农贸市场 farmers' markets

126. 一客一用一消毒 disinfection after each serving

127. 数字化健康证明 digital health certificates

128. 城镇新增就业 new urban jobs

129. 城镇调查失业率 the surveyed urban unemployment rate

130. 城镇登记失业率 the registered urban unemployment rate

131. 就业优先政策 pro-employment policies

132. 维护国家主权、安全、发展利益 protect national sovereignty, security and development interests

133. 香港事务是中国内政 Hong Kong affairs are China’s internal affairs.

134. 确保香港“一国两制”事业行稳致远 ensure the steady and enduring growth of the cause of "one country, two systems" in Hong Kong

135. “一国两制”,依法办事 to uphold the principle of "one country, two systems," act in accordance with the law

136. 挂牌督战 speed up efforts in lifting the remaining impoverished counties out of poverty

137. 脱贫摘帽 shake off poverty

138. 易地扶贫搬迁 poverty-alleviation relocation

139. 优先支持贫困劳动力务工就业 give priority to supporting the poverty-stricken workforce in employment

140. 熔断和奖励机制 the reward and suspension mechanism

141. 入境航班 inbound flights

142. 第一入境点 the first point of entry

143. 重大航空运输保障机制 major air transportation guarantee mechanism

144. 国际客运包机 chartered international passenger flights

145. 预先飞行计划 a pre-flight plan

146. 光盘行动 the "empty plate" campaign

147. 厉行节约、反对浪费 practicing thrift and opposing waste

148. 数字转型 transformation to digitalization

149. 智能升级 the use of artificial intelligence

150. 世界科技前沿 the frontiers of science and technology

151. 强化基础研究 strengthen basic research

152. 前瞻性基础研究 pioneering basic research

153. 关键共性技术 key generic technologies

154. 前沿引领技术 cutting-edge frontier technologies

155. 现代工程技术 modern engineering technologies

156. 颠覆性技术 disruptive technologies

157. 数字中国 a digital China

158. 智慧社会 a smart society

159. 科技创新 scientific and technological innovation

160. 数字化的人民币现金 digitalized currency

161. 数字货币钱包 digital wallets

162. 跨境结算 cross-border settlement

163. 人民币国际化 internationalization of the yuan

164. 面额 denomination

165. 最大发行量 the maximum circulation

166. 中国医师节 Medical Workers' Day

167. 医务人员 medical personnel

168. 医德 medical ethics

169. 深化医药卫生体制改革 deepen reform of medicine and healthcare system

170. 疾病预防控制体系 the disease prevention and control system

171. 加强农村、社区等基层防控能力建设strengthen the capacity of disease prevention and control at rural and urban grassroots level

172. 保持社交距离 social distancing

173. 优质高效的医疗卫生服务体系 quality and efficient healthcare services

174. 健全现代医院管理制度 develop a sound modern hospital management system

175. 健康中国行动 the Healthy China initiative

176. 医保目录调整 adjustments to the list of medicines covered by the medical-insurance system

177. 医保基金监管制度体系 supervision system for the healthcare security fund

178. 医疗防护物资供应 the supply of medical protection materials

179. 传染病监测预警系统monitoring and early warning system for infectious diseases

180. 党的青年工作 the Party's youth work

181. 新时代中国青年 Chinese youth of the new era

182. 实现中华民族伟大复兴的生力军 the new force for realizing the nation's great rejuvenation

183. 听党话、跟党走 follow the instructions and guidance of the Party

184. 实行封闭式管控 to exercise management by sealing off entities

185. 流行病学特征 epidemiological characteristics

186. 感染率 rate of infection

187. 无症状感染者 asymptomatic cases

188. 密切接触者 close contacts

189. 医学观察 medical observation

190. 传染途径 routes of transmission

191. 药品和疫苗研发 drug and vaccine development

192. 常态化疫情防控 regular epidemic prevention and control




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