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1. 火神山医院  Huoshenshan (Fire God Mountain) Hospital

2. 清洁区  cleaning sections

3. 半污染区  partially contaminated sections

4. 污染区  contaminated sections

5. 医护人员专用通道和病人专用通道 separate routes for medical staff and patients

6. 交叉感染 cross infection

7. 新型冠状病毒感染的肺炎   pneumonia caused by the novel coronavirus

8. 国际关注的突发公共卫生事件  Public Health Emergency of International Concern (PHEIC)

9. 重大突发公共卫生事件一级响应  first-level public health emergency response

10. 人际传播  human-to-human transmission

11. 疫情防控 epidemic prevention and control

12. 飞沫传染  droplet infection

13. 接触传播  contact transmission

14. 打赢疫情防控阻击战  win the battle against the novel coronavirus epidemic

15. “方舱医院” mobile cabin hospitals

16. 医疗功能单元  medical treatment units

17. 病房单元  wards

18. 技术保障  technical support

19. 紧急救治  emergency treatment

20. 外科处置  surgical treatment

21. 临床检验  clinical tests

22. 定点医院  designated hospitals

23. 临时医院 makeshift hospitals

24. 野战医院 field hospitals

25. 隔离病房 isolation wards

26. 观察室  observation wards

27. 病死率  case fatality rate (CFR)

28. 发病率  incidence rate

29. 病毒携带者  virus carriers

30. 无症状携带者 asymptomatic carriers

31. 超级传播者  a super spreader

32. 治愈率 recovery rate

33. 传染性 transmissibility/infectivity

34. 致病性 pathogenicity

35. 遏制病毒蔓延  curb the spread of the virus

36. 抗病毒治疗  antiviral treatment

37. 全球疾病防控  global disease prevention and control

38. 居家医学观察 medical observation at home

39. “客座率” passenger load factor (PLF)

40. 接触传播 contact transmission

41. 蓝天保卫战三年行动计划 the three-year action plan to fight air pollution

42. 空气污染防控督查 air pollution control inspections

43. 可吸入颗粒物  inhalable particulates

44. 污染物排放  pollutant emissions

45. 打赢脱贫攻坚战  winning the battle against poverty

46. 补上三农”领域突出短板  strengthening areas of weakness concerning agriculture, rural areas and farmers

47. 中央一号文件  No. 1 central document

48. 加快补上农村基础设施和公共服务短板  improve infrastructure and public services in rural areas

49. 保障重要农产品有效供给  ensure supplies of important agricultural products

50. 和促进农民持续增收 promote the increases in farmers' incomes

51. 加强农村基层治理  strengthen grassroots governance in rural areas

52. 强化农村补短板  improve rural weak links

53. 扶贫资金  poverty alleviation funds

54. 防止返贫  prevent people from returning to poverty after being lifted out of it

55. 解决长效机制  establish long-term mechanisms

56. 搞好农村人居环境整治  strengthen rural environmental protection

57. 农村基层医疗卫生服务 medical and health services in rural areas

58. 形式主义、官僚主义  formalism and bureaucracy



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