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1. 国家文物保护利用示范区  demonstration zones for the protection and use of cultural heritage
2. 国家文物局 the National Cultural Heritage Administration (NCHA)
3. 非物质文化遗产 intangible cultural heritage
4. 文物古迹  cultural relics and historic sites
5. 年夜饭 Chinese New Year's Eve dinner
6. 故宫  the Palace Museum
7. 春节  the Spring Festival
8. 神武门  the Gate of Divine Prowess
9. 午门 the Meridian Gate
10. 太和门 the Gate of Supreme Harmony
11. 乾清门 the Gate of Heavenly Purity
12. 神武门 the Gate of Divine Prowess
13. 东华门 the East Prosperity Gate
14. 太和殿 the Hall of Supreme Harmony
15. 中和殿 the Hall of Central Harmony
16. 保和殿 the Hall of Preserving Harmony
17. 养心殿 the Hall of Mental Cultivation
18. 交泰殿 the Hall of Union
19. 中正殿 the Hall of Rectitude
20. 奉先殿 the Hall of Ancestral Worship
21. 武英殿 the Hall of Martial Valor
22. 皇极殿 the Hall of Imperial Zenith
23. 乾清宫 the Palace of Heavenly Purity
24. 坤宁宫 the Palace of Earthly Tranquility
25. 翊坤宫 the Palace of Earthly Honor
26. 永和宫 the Palace of Eternal Harmony
27. 慈宁宫 the Palace of Compassion and Tranquility
28. 永寿宫 the Palace of Eternal Longevity
29. 钟翠宫 the Palace of Accumulated Purity
30. 景仁宫 the Palace of Great Benevolence
31. 储秀宫 the Palace of Gathered Elegance
32. 宁寿宫 the Palace of Tranquil Longevity
33. 咸福宫 the Palace of Universal Happiness
34. 寿康宫 the Palace of Longevity and Health
35. 金水桥 the Golden Water Bridge
36. 珍妃井 the Well of Pearl Concubine
37. 御花园 The Imperial Garden
38. 角楼  corner towers (turrets)
39. 九龙壁  the Nine-dragon Screen Wall
40. 万春亭  the Pavilion of Myriad Springtimes
41. 千秋亭  the Pavilion of One Thousand Autumns
42. 宝蕴楼  the Hall of Embodied Treasures
43. 畅音阁  the Pavilion of Cheerful Melodies
44. 斋  studio, lodge, etc
45. 轩 bower
46. 楼 building/sanctuary/ hall
47. 堂 hall
48. 馆  lodge/ hall
49. 亭  pavilion
50. 自主招生 independent enrollment
51. “双一流”  the  "Double First-Class" initiative
52. 产教融合 integration of enterprises with vocational schools and universities
53. 教育公平 education equality
54. 素质教育 all-round education
55. 高等教育 higher education
56. 养老服务强制性国家标准 mandatory national standards for elderly care organizations
57. 人口老龄化 aging population
58. 老有所养 care for the elderly
59. 提升养老院服务质量 boost nursing homes' service quality
60. 管理制度基本建立 establish a complete plastics management system
61. 塑料垃圾填埋量大幅降低 significantly reduce the amount of plastic waste going to landfills
62. 次性塑料用品 single-use plastic wares
63. 不可降解的塑料包装袋 non-degradable plastic packaging
64. 生活垃圾管理  domestic waste management
65. 一次性餐具  disposable cutlery
66. 环保材料  environment-friendly materials
67. 可再生资源  renewable resources
68. 收费墙 paywalls
69. 部分或全部内容设置收费 charge for the whole post or part of the post
70. 付费阅读  pay to read
71. 媒体和政府、企业帐号 Accounts run by media organizations, governments and companies
72. 推送消息 push messages
73. 包年订阅   yearly subscription
74. 中美第一阶段经贸协议 China-US phase-one economic and trade agreement
75. 中美贸易磋商 China-US economic and trade consultations
76. 经贸分歧和摩擦 differences and frictions
77. 平等、互利、诚信的磋商立场 credible consultations based
78. 千年胞波情谊  millennia-old pauk-phaw friendship
79. 和平共处五项原则 the Five Principles of Peaceful Coexistence
80. 中缅经济走廊 China-Myanmar Economic Corridor
81. 全面从严治党 full and strict governance over the Party
82. 微腐败 minor corruption
83. 反腐斗争 anti-corruption fight
84. “老虎”、“苍蝇”一起打 crack down on corrupt officials from low-level "flies" to high-ranking "tigers"

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