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第十章 共建粤港澳合作发展平台
Chapter Ten Jointly Developing Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Cooperation Platforms


To accelerate the development of major platforms such as Qianhai of Shenzhen, Nansha of Guangzhou and Hengqin of Zhuhai, fully leverage their experimental and demonstration functions in deepening reform, expanding the scope of opening up and fostering cooperation, expand the development potential of Hong Kong and Macao, promote collaboration in public services, and spearhead comprehensive cooperation among Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao.


1. accelerate 美 [əkˈseləreɪt]  v.(使)加速;加速;加快。

2. experimental and demonstration functions  试验示范作用

3. collaboration  美 [kəˌlæbəˈreɪʃn]  n.合作;协作;合作成果(或作品);通敌;勾结敌人。这里是合作;协作的意思。

第一节 优化提升深圳前海深港现代服务业合作区功能
Section 1 Enhancing the Functions of the Shenzhen-Hong Kong Modern Service Industry Cooperation Zone in Qianhai of Shenzhen


To strengthen the role of Qianhai as an engine of cooperation and development. To compile the Overall Planning for the Development of the Qianhai Shenzhen-Hong Kong Modern Service Industry Cooperation Zone in a timely manner, study the further expansion of Qianhai, and implement in the expanded area the relevant supporting policies for Qianhai. To develop systems for open and innovative industries through links with Hong Kong, and speed up the advance towards the high end of the global value chain. To take forward the opening up and innovative development of the financial sector, expand the functions of offshore accounts (OSA), make reference to the system of free trade accounts (FTA) of the China (Shanghai) Pilot Free-Trade Zone, and proactively explore effective paths to capital account convertibility.  


1. compile 美 [kəmˈpaɪl] v. 编写(书、列表、报告等);编纂;编译。这里是修编的意思。

2. the Qianhai Shenzhen-Hong Kong Modern Service Industry Cooperation Zone 前海深港现代服务业合作区

3. offshore accounts (OSA) 离岸账户  free trade accounts (FTA) 自由贸易账户


To support the Qianhai Mercantile Exchange of the Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Limited in establishing a spot commodities trading platform for serving domestic and foreign clients, and explore a new mode to serve the real economy. To enhance cooperation in green finance and FinTech between Hong Kong and Shenzhen. To build a network service platform for cross-boundary economic and trade cooperation, and help enterprises to go global and tap into international markets. To develop a new type of international trade centre, develop offshore trading, and create a settlement platform for trade in goods. To develop a high-end international maritime service centre, and develop modern maritime services such as ship finance. To build a platform for offshore innovation and entrepreneurship, and allow technology enterprises that register in the zone to operate worldwide. To support the commencement of R&D businesses in suitable bonded Special Customs Supervision Areas. To develop an international cultural and creative base, and explore a new mode of cooperation in cultural and creative industries between Hong Kong and Shenzhen.


1. mercantile 美 [ˈmɜːrkəntiːl]  adj.商业的;贸易的。

2. a spot commodities trading platform 大宗商品现货交易平台

3. commencement 美 [kəˈmensmənt] n. 开始;开端;学位授予典礼;毕业典礼。这里是开展的意思。the commencement of R&D businesses in suitable bonded Special Customs Supervision Areas. 在有条件的海关特殊监管区域开展保税研发业务


To enhance cooperation in legal matters. To make reasonable use of the legislative powers of the Special Economic Zone, speed up the establishment of a legal system that is commensurate with the development of an open economy, and strengthen judicial cooperation and exchanges between Hong Kong and Shenzhen. To expedite the development of the legal services industry, encourage and support legal services organisations in providing services for the Belt and Road Initiative and for Mainland enterprises going global, expand pilot areas for Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao law firms to operate in the form of partnership associations, study matters relating to practice qualification and scope of practice for Hong Kong and Macao legal practitioners in the nine PRD municipalities, set up a multi-faceted dispute resolution mechanism, and collaborate with Hong Kong to develop an international legal services centre and an international commercial dispute resolution centre. To rigorously enforce the protection of IP, strengthen administrative protection of IP, and better leverage the function of the IP court.


1. To enhance cooperation in legal matters 加强法律事务合作

2. the legislative powers 立法权

3. IP (intellectual property) 知识产权


To develop a new international city centre. To support the establishment of a boundary control point in Qianhai of Shenzhen, and explore strengthening efficiency and connectivity of infrastructural facilities with Hong Kong. To expand the scope of implementation of Hong Kong’s engineering construction model, and introduce more liberalisation measures for Hong Kong’s construction and related engineering industries. To draw on Hong Kong’s experiences in raising standards for the construction, operation and management of a city, develop a top-tier international forest city, highlight the urban characteristic of water-city integration, and develop a green, smart and ecologically sustainable urban area. To bring in domestic and international high-end education and medical resources, and provide high quality social services that meet international standards. To support international financial institutions to set up branches in Qianhai of Shenzhen.


1. implementation 美 [ˌɪmpləmɛnˈteɪʃən]  n.执行,履行;实施,贯彻;生效;完成;工具;仪器;供给器具。这里是实施的意思。

2. draw on 美 [drɔː ɑːn] 凭借;利用;动用;(时光)渐渐过去 这里是借鉴的意思。

3. top-tier 顶级的;一流的

第二节 打造广州南沙粤港澳全面合作示范区
Section 2 Developing Nansha of Guangzhou into a Demonstration Zone for Comprehensive Cooperation among Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao


To join hands with Hong Kong and Macao to develop a high-standard gateway for opening up. To fully leverage the benefits of Nansha as a state-level new area and a pilot free trade zone, strengthen comprehensive cooperation with Hong Kong and Macao, expedite the establishment of the Greater Bay Area’s support zone for international shipping, finance as well as innovation and technology functions, and become a high-standard gateway for opening up. To reasonably coordinate solutions regarding the creation of new land to meet the development needs of Nansha of Guangzhou, adjust and optimise the urban layout and spatial structure, strengthen the integrated connection with nearby areas in fields such as urban planning, integrated transport systems as well as public service facilities, and develop a “half-hour transport circle”. To support Nansha of Guangzhou to collaborate with Hong Kong and Macao in developing an integrated service base and an international exchange platform for Chinese enterprises going global, and develop an important window for opening up in southern China.


1. join hands with  携手

2. a high-standard gateway for opening up  高水平对外开放门户

3. a “half-hour transport circle”  “半小时交通圈”


To jointly develop a demonstration zone for innovative development. To strengthen cooperation among Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao in innovation and technology, jointly develop Nansha of Guangzhou into a focused area for the commercial application of achievements in innovation and technology in southern China, carry out proactive planning for frontier technological areas such as next generation information technology, artificial intelligence, healthcare, marine technology and new materials, and nurture and develop new operational models such as platform economy, sharing economy and experience economy. To support Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao, under the principles of joint development and sharing, to plan and develop an industry cooperation zone for in-depth collaboration between Hong Kong and Guangdong in Nansha of Guangzhou, explore the establishment of an industrial park for Lusophone countries under cooperation between Macao and Guangdong, and jointly take forward major issues including the planning, construction and development of the zones. Under the jurisdiction and legal framework of the Mainland, to create a high-standard, international and market-oriented business environment based on the rule of law, provide an environment with public services and social administration that are in line with those in Hong Kong and Macao, and provide new space for the transformation and upgrading of industries from Hong Kong and Macao and for people from these places to work and live.


1. frontier technological areas 科技前沿领域

2. in-depth collaboration 深度合作

3. market-oriented business environment based on the rule of law市场化法治化营商环境


To develop a key financial service platform. To strengthen the origins of financial services serving the real economy, and devote efforts in developing specialised financial services such as ship finance, financial technologies as well as aircraft and ship leasing. To support cooperation with financial institutions of Hong Kong and Macao, jointly develop offshore financial business in accordance with regulations, and explore the development of a trading platform for innovative insurance elements such as international marine insurance. To explore the establishment of a Greater Bay Area international commercial bank in the China (Guangdong) Pilot Free Trade Zone, and serve the development of the Greater Bay Area. To explore the establishment of an account management system that is conducive to the development of the Greater Bay Area, pursue pilot initiatives in cross-boundary capital management, cross-boundary use of RMB, capital account convertibility etc., and facilitate cross-boundary trade as well as investment and financing settlement.


1. specialised financial services 特色金融服务

2. ship leasing 船舶租赁

3. convertibility 美 [ˌkɑnvərtɪˈbɪlɪti]  n.可变(兑)换(性);转化(变)性,互换性。


To develop a quality living circle. To pursue urban planning and development in Nansha of Guangzhou with high standards, strengthen core ecological competitiveness, highlight the features of Lingnan, water village and marine cultures, and develop an international city. To proactively explore policies and mechanisms which are conducive to talent development, and expedite the development of a special zone for international talents. To raise the level of social services, and provide more convenient conditions to residents living in the area.


1. urban planning and development 城市规划建设

2. core ecological competitiveness 生态核心竞争力

3. conducive 美 [kənˈduːsɪv] adj. 使容易(或有可能)发生的。这里引申为了有利于的意思。

第三节 推进珠海横琴粤港澳深度合作示范
Section 3 Taking forward the Demonstrative Functions of Hengqin of Zhuhai for In-depth Cooperation among Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao


To develop a demonstration zone for in-depth cooperation among Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao. To complement Macao’s development into a world tourism and leisure centre, develop Hengqin of Zhuhai into a high-standard international leisure and tourism island, coordinate a study on facilitation measures for visitors travelling between Hengqin and Macao, and allow Macao tourism practitioners to provide relevant services in Hengqin. To support the coordinated development of Hengqin, Zhuhai Free Trade Zone and Hongwan area, and develop a Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao logistics park. To expedite the development of major cooperation projects including the Macao-Hengqin Youth Entrepreneurship Valley (Inno Valley Hengqin) and the Guangdong-Macao Cooperation Industrial Park, and study the development of a Guangdong-Macao information hub. To support the development of the Traditional Chinese Medicine Science and Technology Industrial Park of Cooperation between Guangdong and Macao, explore enhancing cooperation with the national innovation alliance of modern traditional Chinese medicine technology enterprises, and provide guidance on R&D, approval, etc. of new medicine for enterprises at the Traditional Chinese Medicine Science of the Technology Industrial Park of Cooperation between Guangdong and Macao in accordance with relevant laws and regulations. To explore allowing eligible Hong Kong, Macao and foreign medical personnel to practise directly in Hengqin.


1. complement  美 [ˈkɑːmplɪment , ˈkɑːmplɪmənt]  v.补充;补足;使完美;使更具吸引力n.补充物;补足物;足数;足额;补足语;补语。这里是配合的意思。

2. the Macao-Hengqin Youth Entrepreneurship Valley (Inno Valley Hengqin)  横琴澳门青年创业谷

3. the Guangdong-Macao Cooperation Industrial Park 粤澳合作产业园


To enhance cooperation in livelihood matters. To support Zhuhai and Macao in jointly developing livelihood projects with integrated service including elderly care, living, education and healthcare in Hengqin, and explore the direct application and extension of Macao’s healthcare system and social insurance to such projects. On the premise of meeting the basic requirements of town planning and construction in Hengqin, to explore the implementation of Macao’s planning and project supervision mechanisms under which professionals and enterprises from Macao may participate in the development and management of the projects. To study the establishment of a healthcare fund to offer healthcare protection for Macao residents receiving medical treatment in Hengqin. To consider establishing schools for the admission of Macao children.


1. livelihood matters  民生问题

2. extension 美 [ɪkˈstenʃn]  n. 扩大;延伸;增加的房间;扩建部分;增建部分。这里是延伸的意思。

3. on the premise of 以……为前提


To strengthen cooperation in opening up. To support Hengqin and Macao in jointly developing the China-Latin America economic and trade cooperation platform, establish international trade channels between the Mainland and Belt and Road-related countries and regions, and promote innovation in modes of trade in services such as cross-boundary supply, overseas spending, movement of natural persons and commercial presence. To support Hengqin in providing a pivot for Macao’s development of cross-boundary e-commerce industries, and facilitate the convenient entry of products from Lusophone countries into the Mainland market via Macao. To study delegating authority to Hengqin for issuing residence permits to foreigners.


1. Belt and Road-related countries and regions  “一带一路”相关国家和地区

2. pivot 美 [ˈpɪvət]  n.支点;枢轴;中心点;最重要的人(或事物);中心;核心v.(使)在枢轴上旋转(或转动)。 这里是支撑的意思。

3. delegate  美 [ˈdelɪɡət , ˈdelɪɡeɪt]  n.代表;会议代表v.授(权);把(工作、权力等)委托(给下级);选派(某人做某事)。 这里是将权限下放的意思。

第四节 发展特色合作平台
Section 4 Developing Special Cooperation Platforms


To support the nine PRD municipalities in leveraging their own advantages, jointly develop various types of cooperation zones with Hong Kong and Macao, expand the scope for economic cooperation, and achieve complementarity and mutually beneficial cooperation. To support the development of the Hong Kong-Shenzhen Innovation and Technology Park in the Lok Ma Chau Loop and the adjacent Shenzhen Innovation and Technology Zone, jointly develop an innovation and technology cooperation zone, create an internationalised business environment conducive to innovation in the technology industry, and achieve the convenient and effective flow of innovation elements. To support Jiangmen in establishing the Greater Guanghai Bay economic zone in cooperation with Hong Kong and Macao, and expand the scope of cooperation in areas such as finance, tourism, cultural and creative industries, e-commerce, marine economy, vocational education as well as healthcare.


1. leverage their own advantages 发挥各自优势

2. the Hong Kong-Shenzhen Innovation and Technology Park in the Lok Ma Chau Loop 落马洲河套港深创新及科技园

3. adjacent 美 [əˈdʒeɪsnt]  adj.与……毗连的;邻近的。


To expedite the development of the Yinhu Bay coastal area of Jiangmen, and form an aggregation area of international corporations in the energy conservation and environmental protection industries as well as an entrepreneurship and innovation platform for attracting investment and talents targeted at residents of Hong Kong and Macao as well as overseas Chinese worldwide. To promote in-depth cooperation between Macao and Zhongshan in economic, social and cultural aspects, etc., and expand the scope of reasonably diversified economic development in Macao. To support Dongguan in cooperating with Hong Kong in the development of the Dongguan Binhaiwan New District, form a cluster of headquarters of high-end manufacturing industries, develop modern service industries, and develop a R&D base for strategic emerging industries. To support Nanhai of Foshan in promoting cooperation in high-end services among Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao, and build a bridge fostering market connectivity and the flow of economic factors including talents, information and technologies among Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao.


1. the Yinhu Bay coastal area of Jiangmen 江门银湖湾滨海地区

2. an aggregation area聚集地

3. the Dongguan Binhaiwan New District  东莞滨海湾地区

第十一章 规划实施
Chapter Eleven Implementation of the Plan

第三节 防范化解风险
Section 3 Preventing and Mitigating Risks


To draw up measures to effectively prevent and mitigate major risks, and focus on preventing and controlling financial risks. To strengthen responsibilities for financial risk management, prevent and resolve risks in key areas properly, resolutely crack down on financial activities which are against the law and regulations, strengthen the development of the supervisory mechanism for potential risk areas, and firmly hold the bulwark against systemic financial risks. Guangdong Province is to rigorously implement the relevant provisions of the Budget Law, strengthen the management of debt limits of local governments, and effectively regulate government debt financing; to strengthen fiscal control, and effectively keep in check development projects without repayment ability; to enhance supervision and accountability, and resolutely put a stop to financing guarantees that are against the law and regulations.


1. prevent and mitigate major risks防范化解重大风险

2. crack down 严厉打击;镇压

3. accountability 美 [əˌkaʊntəˈbɪləti]  n.责任;有义务,有责任;衡算计量;(档案)保管责任。to enhance supervision and accountability 加大督促问责力度

第四节 扩大社会参与
Section 4 Broadening Social Participation


To support think tanks on the Mainland to step up cooperation with those in Hong Kong and Macao, and provide intellectual support for the development of the Greater Bay Area. To establish an administrative advisory system, and invite professionals from Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao to offer advice on development of the Greater Bay Area. To support Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao to follow market-based principles in exploring the establishment of joint organisations for investment and development, as well as joint development funds, and jointly participate in the development of the Greater Bay Area. To support sectors such as commerce and industry, labour, professional services and academia of Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao to establish liaison mechanisms, and enhance exchanges and cooperation. To broaden public participation in the development of the Greater Bay Area, ensure the smooth flow of channels for the public to express their views, and support the joint participation of various market entities in the development of the Greater Bay Area.


1. think tanks 智库

2. market-based principles 市场化原则

3. liaison 美 [ˈliːəzɑːn]  n.联络;联系;联络员;联系人;(尤指一方或双方已婚的)私通,通奸。liaison mechanisms 联系机制

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