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African swine fever found in Chinese frozen pork dumplings, but you can still buy them

Frozen pork dumplings made by a company in central China have been withdrawn from sale online after authorities found they contained traces of the African swine fever virus, according to local media reports.

Withdrawn美 [wɪðˈdrɔn, wɪθ-] 取回,收回The troops are being   gradually withdrawn.


The food safety regulator in Xiangxi prefecture, Hunan province, found the contamination in three samples of dumplings made by Henan-based Sanquan Foods, the mainland China-based China Times reported on Sunday.

Prefecture 美 [ˈpriˌfɛktʃɚ] 自治区

The affected products had been produced by a subsidiary based in Henan province, it said.

Subsidiary美 [səbˈsɪdieri] 子公司

British Asia Airways is a subsidiary of British Airways.


The reports come as China continues to fight a nationwide epidemic that has devastated the nation’s pork industry and seen more than 1 million pigs culled since August. While African swine fever is not harmful to humans, it is lethal to pigs and spreads rapidly.

Cull 美 [kʌl] 部分捕杀,宰杀To save remaining herds and habitat, the national parks department is planning to cull 2000 elephants.


Sanquan Foods told China News Service on Friday that it was aware of online reports about the test results but had not received any formal notification of the findings from the authorities.

The Jiemian report said that although the dumplings had been withdrawn from sale by all major online retailers they were still widely available in brick-and-mortar stores and supermarkets across the country, including in Beijing, Xian, Shenzhen and Kunming.

brick-and-mortar stores 实体店

Zhao Lianbin, a pig farmer in northeast China’s Heilongjiang province, was quoted in the Jiemian report as saying that containing the spread of the disease had been made more difficult by unscrupulous farmers who continued to sell their meat despite the government clampdown.


Clampdown美 [ˈklæmpˌdaʊn]  限制与控制

“The operators of some small farms evade detection by the quarantine departments by keeping off the main roads and away from the checkpoints. It’s virtually impossible for the authorities [to catch them],” he said.

Quarantine美 [ˈkwɔ:rənti:n] 检疫期,隔离期;检疫所,隔离所

 来源South China Morning Post

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