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Part I Translate the following sentences into English or into Chinese.






6. In case party B breaches this contract, party A has right to deduct the default fine, compensation for damage or any other expenses from the deposit.

7. There’s practically no substitute for cashmere for certain uses. That’s why demand for natural cashmere keeps rising in spite of cheaper synthetic ones.

8. After we have checked the L/C carefully, we request you to make the following amendment: “Partial Shipment and Transshipment Allowed.”

9. The poor performance of the company has been blamed on the recession and cheaper sports car imports.

10. In the warehouse, we keep a stock of the faster moving items so that urgent orders can be met quickly from stock.

 Part Ⅱ Translate the following passages into Chinese or into English.

 Passage 1

 To catch up with the US, China will have to grow extremely fast while the US economy dawdles, which most economists believe is unlikely. “For China to catch the US in 10 years, its economy would have to grow at more than12 percent per annum, while the US grow at 2 percent.” an international economist estimates.

 Different aspects bring about different fields of vision. Different positions lead to different responsibilities. A large proportion of people, including me, are used to debasing China’s surpassing. However, China’s rapid development is an undeniable truth, regardless of our doubt. As mentioned above, foreigners are well aware of Chin’s real situation, and still they attempt to make China “developed”. Even though China is trying to evade the imposed title, it is inevitable for China to take on the responsibilities as a “great power”. That is China’s fate!

 Passage 2


目前,比亚迪汽车已建成规模庞大的产业基地,短短四年之间,模具、研发、整车制造等飞速发展。其中,比亚迪汽车F系列已经成功研发出F3,F3R,F6, F0,F3DM等车型。在未来几年,将打造出F,S,M全系列产品线,在发展传统燃油车的同时,将大力推进双模电动车和纯电动车的商业化步伐,积极引领新能源汽车的发展。


 Part I Translate the following sentences into English or into Chinese.

1. We offer competitive salary and bonus plan. All employees receive stock options. 

2. It would be appreciated if you could mail us a cheque to our account for U.S. $3107.89, which you have overcharged us. 

3. In case F.O.B. is used, risks and charges are to be passed over to the buyers once the cargo is put on board the ship.

4. During the financial crisis,currencies of many South-East Asian countries declined in value by 50% to 70%.

5. I’m afraid we can’t agree to appoint you as our sole agent because the annual turnover you promised is too low.






Part Ⅱ Translate the following passages into Chinese or into English.

Passage 1



Passage 2

Established in 1995, BYD Company Limited, a Hong Kong listed company, became the second largest rechargeable battery manufacturer in 2003 and in the same year, BYD AUTO has been founded. Engaged in both IT and automobile business, BYD has seven production bases in Guangdong, Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin and Xi’an, etc.

Currently, BYD AUTO has established large-scale industrial bases and the mold, R&D and vehicle manufacturing have developed rapidly within only 4 years. Since its foundation, BYD AUTO has successfully unveiled F3, F3R, F6, F0 and F3DM. In the next few years, BYD AUTO will build up full range product line including F series, S series and M series. Besides the development of traditional gasoline, BYD AUTO will strongly promote the commercialization of Dual Mode hybrid electric vehicles and Blade electric vehicles and actively lead the development of new energy vehicles.







Part I Translate the following sentences into English or into Chinese.






6. Your order is receiving our immediate attention and you can depend on us to effect delivery well within your time limit.

7. Those extra hours are too often taken for granted and, if allowed to build up, they can damage people’s health, relationships and morale at work.

8. Over the past 125 years, the company’s first-class jewelry range and prizewinning creations have established an exclusive reputation.

9. It’s generally cheaper to buy the product that has a worse impact on its environment than the equivalent product that does less harm.

10. Misunderstanding of cultural differences in nonverbal communication is a serious barrier to intercultural communication.

Part Ⅱ Translate the following passages into Chinese or into English.

Passage 1

Please allow me to introduce myself. My name is Li Wei, the Senior Account Manager of Five-star Company. Mr. Jack Brown suggested that I get in touch with you to discuss a potential business opportunity. Jack told me that you are considering a major acquisition and would like to hire a qualified consultancy to do the due diligence work. We would be very pleased to offer our services for your consideration. I will call your office to arrange a meeting with your secretary, and I will answer any questions you may have.

Passage 2








Part I Translate the following sentences into English or into Chinese.

1. The global economic growth rate in 2015 was estimated at only 2.4%, a decrease of 0.4% in comparison to the UN prediction half a year before.

2. According to a report of the World Bank, the achievements that China and India have made in reducing poverty play an important role in steadily reducing the world poverty rate.

3. DHL is the global market leader in international express, overland transport and air freight. It is also the world’s No.1 in ocean freight and contract logistics.

4. Through over a decade’s consistent efforts, Perfect Company has grown into a sophisticated enterprise integrating research and development, manufacture, sales and services. It has established 33 branch offices, nearly 4,000 service outlets and franchised stores across China.

5. The banks have long competed with American Express’s charge cards and various store cards.



8. 在过去的125年间,公司一流的珠宝首饰系列和获奖创意产品建立了独一无二的声誉。

9. 对环境破坏大的产品通常要比对环境破坏小的同类产品便宜。


Part Ⅱ Translate the following passages into Chinese or into English.

Passage 1


Passage 2

Dear Sir,

 Would it be possible for one of your representatives to call at my shop in order to help me make a decision about installing a new lighting system in the showroom and stockroom area? I already have your catalogue, but I should appreciate your expert advice, and in the catalogue you mention that site visits can be arranged.

Could you also give me some idea about how much the total job will cost? My shop has a large showroom and a medium-sized stockroom. I need heavy duty lighting for the stockroom and a decorative lighting scheme for the showroom. I should also appreciate your advice on security lighting.

A friend of mine who has used your services in the past recommended you. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Yours sincerely

David Smith

01电话 | 19909236459