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1. 新修订的《未成年人保护法》The amended Law on Protection of Minors

2. 保护未成年人网络安全 protect those under the age of 18 when they are online

3. 网络产品和服务提供者 Internet product and service providers

4. 网络欺凌 Cyberbullying

5. 未成年人权益 minor's rights and interests

6. 未成年人身心健康 physical and mental health of youngsters

7. 校园欺凌 school bullying

8. 留守儿童 left-behind children

9. 防沉迷系统 the anti-addiction system

10. 量子科技 quantum science and technology

11. 推动量子科技发展的重要性和紧迫性 the importance and urgency of advancing the development of quantum science and technology

12. 加强量子科技发展战略谋划和系统布局 strengthen strategic planning and systematic layout for the development of quantum science and technology

13. 把握大趋势 grasp the general trends 

14. 下好先手棋 play good first moves

15. 加快发展量子科技accelerate the development of quantum science and technology

16. 促进高质量发展 promote high-quality development

17. 保障国家安全 safeguard national security

18. 战略性新兴产业 strategic emerging industries

19. 多学科交叉融合 interdisciplinary integration

20. 多技术领域集成创新 integrated innovation in multi-technical fields

21. 抗美援朝精神 spirit in War to Resist US Aggression and Aid Korea

22. 保卫和平、反抗侵略 safeguard peace and resist aggression

23. 正义的胜利、和平的胜利、人民的胜利a victory of justice, a victory of peace and a victory of the people

24. 实现中国梦强军梦 realize the Chinese Dream and the dream of building a powerful military

25. 空气污染防控督查 air pollution control inspections

26. 可吸入颗粒物 inhalable particulates

27. 污染物排放 pollutant emissions

28. 空气质量指数 the air quality index

29. 沙尘天气 sand and dust weather

30. 生物安全法 the Biosecurity Law

31. 公共卫生安全 public health security

32. 生物安全治理能力 biosecurity governance capability

33. 温度计 a Thermometer [θə(r)'mɒmɪtə(r)] 

34. 工业废水 industrial wastewater

35. 危害 adverse effects

36. 汞化合物 mercury compounds

37. 安全替代品 safe substitutes

38. 药品和疫苗研发 drug and vaccine development

39. 随机试验 random trials

40. 双盲试验 double-blind trials

41. 安慰剂对照试验 placebo-controlled trials

42. 免疫系统 the immune system

43. 新司机 newly qualified drivers

44. 人行道 a pavement

45. 遮挡、污损号牌 block or deface license plate

46. 扣分处罚 point penalty

47. 终身吊销驾照 have license revoked for life

48. 无证驾驶 drive without a license

49. 禁行区行驶 run through restricted areas

50. 追尾 tailgating

51. 肇事逃逸 hit-and-run

52. 逃避交警检查 avoid police checkpoints

53. 酒驾/毒驾 drive under influence(DUI)

54. 不安全变道 unsafe lane changes

55. 超速 speeding

56. 超载 overloading

57. 闯红灯 run red lights

58. 教育评价改革 education evaluation reform

59. 素质教育 all-round education

60. 教书育人 impart knowledge and cultivate people

61. 立德树人 foster virtue through education





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