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1. 中医药传承创新发展 the preservation and innovative development of TCM

2. 中医药宝库中的精华  the essence of TCM

3. 防病治病 disease prevention and treatment

4. 中医药现代化、产业化 modernization and industrialization of TCM

5. 中西医并重 equal importance should be placed on both TCM and Western medicine.

6. 国家治理体系和治理能力现代化 the modernization of China's system and capacity for governance

7. 中华民族共同体意识 a sense of community for the Chinese nation

8. 科学执政、民主执政、依法执政 practice scientific, democratic and law-based governance

9. 共建共治共享的社会治理制度 a social governance system based on collaboration, participation and common interests

10. 科技革命和产业变革 sci-tech revolution and industrial transformation

11. 开展科技人文交流 engage in sci-tech and cultural exchanges

12. 交流思想 exchange ideas

13. 互学互鉴 learn from each other

14. 筑牢友谊基石 build a solid foundation of friendship

15. 扎紧合作纽带 strengthen the bond of cooperation

16. 共创人类发展的美好未来 create a better future for human development

17. 实体经济创新发展 innovative development of the real economy

18. 物联网 internet of things

19. 数字经济 the digital economy

20. 认知障碍 cognitive impairment

21. 临床实验 clinical trials

22. 食品药品安全 food and drug safety

23. 营商环境  business environments

24. 顺风车 ride sharing/hitchhiking services

25. 专车 tailored taxi services

26. 快车 fast ride

27. 出租车 taxi hailing

28. 单车 bike sharing

29. 代驾 chauffeuring

30. 自驾租车 car rental

31. 分享经济 the sharing economy

32. 共享汽车 car-sharing

33. 拼车 car pooling

34. 叫车软件 a car-hailing app

35. 电子追溯制度 an electronic tracking system

36. 城市治理 urban governance

37. 城市是人民的城市,人民城市为人民。The cities are built by the people and are for the people.

38. 基层党建 the primary-level Party building

39. 城市管理 urban management

40. 社区治理 community governance

41. 开放合作的世界经济 a world economy of openness and cooperation

42. 开放创新的世界经济 an open world economy with innovation

43. 开放共享的世界经济 an open world economy for mutual benefits

44. 更高水平的对外开放 bring about opening-up at a higher level

45. 网红带货 social influencer marketing

46. 网红  internet celebrity/social media influencer

47. 欺诈和误导消费者 fool or mislead consumers

48. 在线直播 streaming online

49. 直播答题应用 Livestreaming quiz applications

50. 直播经济 the livestreaming economy

51. 粉丝经济 the fan economy

52. 绿色发展 green development

53. 可持续发展 sustainable development

54. 生态健康 ecological health

55. 国家文物局 China's National Cultural Heritage Administration (NCHA)

56. 文化遗产 cultural heritage

57. 文化多样性 cultural diversity

58. 世界遗产名录 the World Heritage List

59. 申遗 bid for the World Heritage List

60. 区域全面经济伙伴关系协定 Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership

61. 中欧投资协定 the China-EU investment agreement

62. 中日韩自由贸易协定 a China-Japan-ROK FTA

63. 多边贸易体制 a multilateral trading system

64. 区域一体化 regional integration

65. 文明乡风 social civility in rural areas

66. 中央农办the Office of the Central Rural Work Leading Group

67. 农业农村部 the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs

68. 乡村振兴 rural revitalization

69. 农业农村农民问题(“三农”问题) issues relating to agriculture, rural areas, and rural people

70. 农业农村现代化 modernization of agriculture and rural areas




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