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1. 远程医疗、网上教育、网络办公、零接触配送、“线上预订、门店自提”等新模式、新业态蓬勃发展。

New forms and models of business are flourishing: remote health care, online education, virtual workplaces, zero-contact delivery, “buy online, pick up in store” e-commerce.

2. 电子商务、移动支付、共享经济等新业态新模式蓬勃发展。

E-commerce, mobile payment, sharing economy and other new business forms and models are booming/burgeoning.

3. 5G、大数据、人工智能等高新技术推广运用加快,为产业转型升级赋能,为数字经济与实体经济融合提速。

Frontier technologies – 5G, big data and artificial intelligence – are growing, powering industrial transformation and facilitating the integration of the digital and the real economies. 

4. 我们应充分利用互联网、大数据、人工智能、5G等新技术,推进跨境电子商务发展,打造面向未来和民生所需的新产业和新业态。

We need to fully harness new technologies such as the internet, big data, artificial intelligence and 5G, promote cross-border e-commerce and foster future-oriented new industries and forms of business that better cater to our people’s needs.

5. 我们将深化大数据、人工智能等研发应用,培育新兴产业集群,壮大数字经济。

Going forward, we will step up the R&D (research and development) and application of big data and artificial intelligence, foster clusters of emerging industries andstrengthen the digital economy. 

6. 目前新动能对中国经济增长贡献率超过三分之一、对城镇新增就业贡献率超过三分之二,正在塑造中国发展新优势。

New growth drivers now contribute more than one third of China’s economic growth and more than two thirds of new urban jobs. They are giving China new strengths to pursue development.

7. 创新是引领发展的第一动力。

Innovation is the primary driving force for development.

8. 运用新技术、新业态、新模式,大力改造提升传统产业。

We will use new technologies, new forms of business, and new models to transform and upgrade the traditional industries. 





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