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节选自“携手抗击疫情,深化金砖合作Deepening BRICS Cooperation to Combat COVID-19”
With its rapid spread in many parts of the world, COVID-19 has put lives and health of people around the world under grave threat, seriously disrupted the flow of people worldwide and the global economy, and posed a severe challenge to us BRICS countries. 
We are confident that under the firm stewardship of BRICS leaders, with the united, painstaking efforts of our peoples, and the strong support of the global community, we will overcome the difficulties, and mankind will defeat the virus.
The COVID-19 situation begs questions we all need to ponder. Should we let science and reason prevail or create political divisions, bolster cooperation across borders or isolate ourselves through decoupling, promote multilateral coordination or practice unilateralism? We all need to answer these questions in a way that stands the test of history.
First, we should uphold multilateralism and improve global governance. The sudden onslaught of COVID-19 reminds us once again that our interests are closely entwined and so are our futures. A challenge that respects no border and makes no distinction of ethnicity has only made global governance more important, not less. 
As we live in the same global village on planet Earth, building a community with a shared future for mankind is a right choice that meets the trend of our times.
We need to enhance coordination on macro economic policies, and take well-focused fiscal and monetary measures on both sides of supply and demand in an effort to curb recession, create jobs, protect livelihoods and stabilize the global economy. 










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