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CATTI汉译英:人间天堂杭州 | 旅游话题
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Hangzhou  Paradise on Earth

Hangzhou has long been known as a famous cultural city. The ancient Liangzhu Culture ruins were found in what is now Hangzhou. These archeological ruins date back to 2000 B. C. when our ancestors already lived and mulitiplied here. Hangzhou also served as an imperial capital for 237 years – first as the capital of the State of Wuyue during the Five Dynasties Period, and again as the capital of the Southern Song Dynasty. Now Hangzhou is the capital of Zhejiang Province with eight urban districts, three county-level cities and two counties under its jurisdiction.
Hangzhou has a reputation for its scenic beauty. About 700 years ago, Marco Polo, perhaps the most celebrated Italian traveler, called it “the finest and most magnificent city in the world”.
Hangzhou’s West Lake is like a mirror, embellished all round with green hills and deep caves of enchanting beauty. The Su Causeway which runs from north to south and the Bai Causeway which runs from east ot west look like two colored ribbons floating on the water. The three islets named “Thee Pools Mirroring the Moon”, “Mid-lake Pavillion” and “Ruangong Mound” stand in the lake, adding much charm to the scene. Famous beauty spots around West Lake include Yue Fei Temple, Xiling Sea-Engraving Society, Breeze-Ruffled Lotous at Quyuan Garden, Autumn Moon Over the Calm Lake, and several parks like “Viewing Fish at the Flower Pond” and “ Orioles Singing in the Willows”.
Hill peaks tower around the lake and amaze the visitor with the ever-changing aspects of their beauty. Scattered in the adjacent hills are scenic caves and caverns, such as Jade-Milk Cave, Purple Cloud Cave, Stone House Cave, Water Music Cave and Rosy Cloud Cave, most of which have many stone sculptures carved on their walls. Also among the hills one finds springs everywhere, perhaps best represented by Tiger Spring, Dragon Well Spring and Jade Spring.The place called Nine Creeks and Eighteen Gullies is well known for its twisting paths and murmuring streams. Other scenic sites of historical interest include the Monastery of the Soul’s Retreat, Pagoda of Six Harmonies, Baochu Pagoda, Monastery of Pure Benevolence, Taoguan Temple and a scenic path known as Bamboo-lined Path at Yunxi.
The beauty spot in the vicinity of Hangzhou from a vast area for tourists with West Lake at its center. To the north of Hangzhou stands Chaoshan Hill, and the west Mount Tianmu. Going up the Qiantang River one finds oneself at Stork Hill near the Terrace where Yan Ziling, a hermit of the Eastern Han Dynasty, loved to go fishing by the Fuchun River in Fuyang City. Nearby are the Yaolin Wonderland in Tonglu County, Tongjun Hill and the three Lingqi Caves in Jiande City, and finally the Thousand-Islet Lake at the source of the Xin’anjiang River.
Since the implementation of the policy of reform and opening to the outside world, Hangzhou has witnessed rapid economic development. With highly developed financial and insurance sectors, Hangzhou is veritably bursting with commercial activities. Its GDP has maintained a two-digit growth rate for eleven years straight and its aggregate economic strength now stands second among China’s provincial capitals. In 2001, the city’s per capita GDP reached 25,000 yuan. Meanwhile, the urban and rural deposits in savings accounts have reached 262.2 billion yuan. The urban residents have a disposable income of 10,896 yuan and each of them spends 8,968 yuan a year. 
Hangzhou has opened its door wider and wider to the outside world. By the end of 2001, foreign business people had made a total investment of US $11.5 billion in 60 economic fields, including industry, agriculture, real estate and urban infrastructure development. Thirty-seven of the world’s 500 top enterprises have made investment in Hangzhou. Foreign business people come from 76 countries and regions throughout the world.
四季变幻  难画难诗
Ever-changing and Indescribable Beauty
Sunny or rainy, Hangzhou looks its best in spring. In summer, lotus flowers bloom. Their fragrance brings joy to one’s soul and refreshes the mind. Autumn brings with it the sweet scent of osmanthus flowers along with chrysanthemums in full bloom. In winter, the wintry snow scenes can be likened to an exquisite jade carving. West Lake’s beauty is ever changing but never fails to entice and entrance.
两江一湖  别具风光
Two River and One Lake Are Uniquely Beautiful
Above the Qiangtang River, the picturesque Fuchun River stretches itself through the green and luxuriant hills and is said to resemble a clear jade ribbon. Traveling up the Fuchun River, one may trace its source to the Xin’anjing River, renowned as second only to the famous Lijiang River in Guilin of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region. It completes its journey in the vast expanse of the Tousand-Islet Lake. In scenic spots like these, one return to the arm of Nature, enjoying fresh air and natural beauty.
美的山水  美的艺术
Beautiful Scenery and Exquisite Art
Hangzhou’s beauty has cultivated and inspired generations of artists: poets, writers, painters and calligraphers, who throughtout the centuries, have left behind immortal poems, essays, paintings and calligrapy in praise of Hangzhou. Moreover, Hangzhou’s folk art and handicrafts are rich and imaginative. Their vivid and unique style hold great attraction for tourists.
宾馆舒适  名菜可口
Comfortable Hotels and Delicious Dishes
Hotels in Hanghzou have modern facilities and provide good service. West Lake dishes, which originated in the Southern Song Dynasty, are famous for their taste and flavor. With fresh vegetables and live fowl or fish as ingredients, one can savor the dishes for their natural flavor.


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