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1. 实现“一加一大于二”的效果 produce a multiplying effect on cooperation

2. 扬帆远航,穿越惊涛骇浪  navigate rough seas

3. 天下为公的情怀 an aspiration for the common good

4. 胸怀大局 keep the big picture in mind

5. 狭隘 narrow-minded

6. 短视shortsighted

7. 明辨是非 have a clear stand on what’s right and what’s wrong

8. 风风雨雨 twists and turns

9. “破冰” “Icebreakers”/ broke the ice

10. 历经风雨 go through twists and turns

11. 清一色 erase differences

12. 百花纷呈/百花齐放 flourish

13. 有识之士 People with vision / visonary people

14. 重获新生 gain a new life

15. 家喻户晓 make oneself a household name in

16. 革故鼎新 discard the old and introduce the new     

17. 坐享其成  sit idle and enjoy the fruits of others' work

18. 安于现状 be satisfied with the status quo

19. 贪图安逸 indulge oneself in ease and comfort

20. 乐而忘忧 let delight dispel worries

21. 以邻为壑 beggaring-thy-neighbor

22. 妄自尊大 Put oneself on a pedestal

23. 独善其身try to immune oneself from adverse developments

24. 远隔万里 thousands of miles apart

25. 焕发生机 brim with dynamism/vigor

26. 历久弥新 stronger than ever

27. 随波逐流  drift with the tide / drift along with others

28. 坚如磐石 rock-solid 

29. 中流砥柱 a pillar of stability

30. 弹指一挥间 no more than a split of a second

31. 有唱响的,也有唱衰的  Some talk it up, but others talk it down

32. 一个硬币的两面 the two sides of the same coin

33. 隐约其辞/兜圈子/旁敲侧击 beat about the bush

34. 空口/打白条 be no lip service

35. 打破藩篱 breaking down barriers

36. 大行其道 prevail

37. 归根到底就是一句话  it all comes down to one thing

38. 一副药方不可能包治百病 one does not expect a single prescription to cure all diseases

39. 多予少取、先予后取、只予不取 giving more and taking less, giving before taking and giving without asking for return

40. 走出阴影  emerge from the shadow of

41. 不可限量 has great potential

42. 前景广阔 has broad vistas

43. 人数创历史新高 a record number of

44. 创历史新高 make a new record

45. 汇聚成江河 converge into a mighty river

46. 设置过高门槛 set the bar too high公众号高斋翻译学堂 微博@高斋翻硕

47. 由易到难 start with the easier ones

48. 主流 mainstream

49. 别有用心  ill intention

50. “以暴制暴” “fighting violence with violence”

51. 标本兼治 address both the symptoms and root causes / address the root causes as well as the symptoms

52. 指手画脚 point fingers at others

53. 夷为废墟 be reduced to rubbles

54. 甚嚣尘上 be on the rise

55. 多管齐下 multi-pronged

56. 当务之急 an urgent priority 公众号高斋翻译学堂 微博@高斋翻硕

57. 日复一日 Day in and day out

58. 沉默的羔羊 silent lambs

59. 并非巧合  It was no coincidence that

60. 因地制宜 tailored to local conditions

61. 如约而至 never be absent

62. 危言耸听 listen to the scaremongers

63. 压倒性胜利 sweeping victory

64. 罔顾事实 Nothing could be further from the truth

65. 开局之年 the first year

66. 重大转机 a major turnaround 公众号高斋翻译学堂 微博@高斋翻硕

67. 全球瞩目 capture the world’s attention

68. 抬头 rear its head 

69. 义不容辞的 duty-bound

70. 天职 the bounden duty

71. 主心骨 backbone

72. 恩赐施舍、援助 hand-outs

73. 陈规俗见 stereotypes

74. 优胜劣汰 the fittest will survive 公众号高斋翻译学堂 微博@高斋翻硕

75. 和而不同 harmony without uniformity

76. “摸着石头过河” "crossing the river by feeling the stones"

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